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  1. I remember seeing Hank play but I don't have any memory of seeing record homers or the home run chase, etc. I was pretty young and was not a stats geek. I love this article because it shows just how amazing a player Hank was: https://www.si.com/mlb/2021/01/22/hank-aaron-death-career-statistics-records
  2. I can't think of a much better gift! Cheers!
  3. The audio cassette table is pretty cute
  4. I hope your birthday is tickety-boo G-Man! Cheers!
  5. I made the mapo tofu spaghetti tonight. And creamy Miso spaghetti too. Nom Nom Nom
  6. I am Voltron, and I approve of this message.
  7. It is amazing to me that someone was married to him for over 70 years.
  8. Not someone I personally like but he was a big figure in baseball and a hated figure in my house full of Giants fans. RIP Tommy. The Dodgers suck!
  9. RIP to an actual patriot.
  10. Have a great one Knucks! Cheers!
  11. I almost pulled out the big Have One On Me box but grabbed this instead.
  12. Once an HC FOTM. Probably thanks to
  13. Good luck peas. Never seemed quite this necessary.
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