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kevin gilmore

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yep, the input fet has been fixed.

also, next version of the kgsshvk board has it fixed too.

(at least I think its fixed, please check)


hv transformer is going to be lower voltages.


best idea to have a separate filament transformer and

time delay.


current power supply board works fine with the resistors

adjusted for 400v which means the unregulated voltages

should be about 465v.


will post newest picture, same name in a few minutes

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Yes, if Alex had any clue.  This one is also cheaper to build when done at lower voltages.   It's been one of these projects that has been on the backburner for way too long.  Here is mine, adapted from boards Marc did and pretty close to what I'm doing with the SRM-007t. 





Still in that... works but not finished stage along with dozens and dozens of other projects.  Been like this since 2011...  :-[

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seems like it's the same tier as the hv, and easier to build (because we don't have to mount output devices to heat sinks)


What's the current output at the last stage, 10mA? Can we also use the 01n100nd? I only ask because I have a shipment of those coming in with enough extras for the CCS.

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Marc drew it up (or had it drawn up, can't remember) back in the day and it's basically the front end off the SRM-007t coupled to a CCS loaded quad of 6S4A's.  I modified the boards to turn them into a KGST so just one tube per phase and a simple 10M90 ccs.  Works well enough but I'll probably put the boards back on a shelf in favor of the ones I'm designing now. 


This is a part of larger move to possibly make a limited run of KGST amps.  A couple of friends have been asking for a mini Blue Hawaii that would be as slim as is possible for desktop use.  The KGST is the most logical circuit for that and it would be fun to do a custom chassis with some over the top PSU design in a separate box.  The design is pretty much ready in my head but I simply need to find some time to invest in it and see if any of this can be done locally for me.  None of this would be cheap though but that's hardly the point when making something cool...  :)

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