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Woo Audio GES

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Ehhh what the fuck is wrong with Woo Audio?  So this is not up to spec but it is at least closer than many of the latter amp.  So this is voltage divider off the main B+ which should be 600V.  It's 121K into a 3M6 shunt which gives us 580V.  That's ok but then they put a 3M6 ballast resistor... :huh: It should be 4M7 so this is close but not correct.  I would change it and to a proper high voltage rated resistor too but this is close enough in value to not hurt the phones. 

On the newer amps I've seen it as low as a few hundred K if there is even a ballast resistor at all...  <_<

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So, the resistor that needs to be changed is the one which has orange, blue and green stripes on it - there are two of them, so the one to be changed is the one which has one end connected to the junction of all three resistors,  and its other end going to the output socket.  This should be replaced with a 4.7 megohm resistor.  You can get a suitable one at Mouser electronics.  Part number: 594-VR37000004704FR5 or VR37000004704JA100.  It's only 19 cents, or 13 cents for the second option.  Unfortunately shipping is around $7.


The other orange-blu-green resistor should not be changed.  You can tell this resistor because with an ohm-meter, there should be zero ohms (or very nearly) between the chassis and the end of the resistor that is away from the junction of the three resistors.  

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Woo has just released their new flagship es-amp 3ES,it seems like another woo stuff as before.

eh:huh:, a 6sn7 as input stage and 2 300b output tubes with so many expensive wires and coupling capacitors,maybe there are step-up transformers in the chassis below i guess :huh:

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On 11/28/2021 at 1:18 PM, spritzer said:

Feel free to post pics and we'd be happy to take a look at them.  You open up the top panel and there are cans inside of there you need to open up as well. 

I happen pick up a Woo Audio GES here are a few pics could you please have a quick look @spritzer thank you







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