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CLOSED - Group Buy - Circlotron


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For gauging interest. This GB is intended to be add-on to the MWL168 Carbon Group Buy for anyone interested in building a Circlotron.
In addition to a full Carbon, two dual HV900 boards (circlotronhvpowerdualnewer2.ZIP) and two output & driver boards (kgsshvcarboncirclotrondriverv2.ZIP/kgsshvcarboncirclotron.ZIP) are needed.

Currently investigating a quote form PCBNet for:


Furthermore FTCaps has been asked for delivery of the 470uF/550V caps required by the HV900 supply.
The main difference between the 680uF/550V(76mm) cap and the 470uF/550V(68) is the height, making it easier to fit everything inside a 5U chassie.
16 of 470uF/550V are needed for the Circlotron HV900 supplies.

Please state your interest in the sheet.
Price of the 470uF Caps, will be close to the estimate of 680uf/550V @ 12USD.


Estimated ship date from PCBNet rgrd the Circlotron boards 22 of september 2015


Thanks to S_R/NoPants for contributing

Boards has been shipped.
Update: 470uF caps are comming 13/11 (according to FTCap). (17/10-2015)


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Won't it need the output boards, driver boards, and the HV900 boards? The driver board is different from the regular carbon amp board last I checked.

It might make more sense to offer the boards as a full set, but either way I'm interested.

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Quote from PCBNet.

The HV900 PCB has been changed from Dual to Singles, all amount in the sheet in rgrds to HV900 has been adjusted to x2 the previous.
Latest quote price has been entered as well, and an estimated price for caps+boards been calculated.

Please confirm your order in the sheet

The GB will be closing by the end of this week, and the order submitted to PCBNet (caps are already ordered by JDineshk)


Just to add, the HV900 boards should be the single type. So it'd be 4 HV900 boards per amp that way.

Also, could you offer the 450V fat/split PSU boards as well?

Sorry for late responding on this.

The HV900 has been changed to singles as requested.

I'll add the fat/split PSU to the sheet to probe interest. we need at least 10 boards to make it fly.

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Updated first post with link's to caps specs:  470uF/550V, and 680uf/550V 

For those ordering Circlotron PCBs and caps, please PayPal me the amount stated in the spreadsheet: [email protected]

Please remember to include your head-case ID with your PayPal payment.
As soon as the payment has been received we will go ahead and place the order at PCBNet.
The orders for caps has been submitted today, and is added to the same spot in the production queue as the 680uf caps. 
All caps will be delivered at the same time.



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In order for preparing the upcomming shipping of Caps / Circlotron boards / Carbon boards for those who selected combined shipping, I would like every participant to write me a mail ([email protected]), in the subject field write: Head-case ID, Shipping; e.g. "sorenb, Shipping".

The mail body containing three sections:

1. Your complete adresse, as you want it to be printed on the package
2. The way you want to have it declared; please explain if you want your package declared in a certain way in order to have it through customs without additional hassles.

3. If you want to have enclosed a note in the package, please state the wording you prefere.



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