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Chord Dave Any Good?


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Damb Chop?



1 hour ago, gepardcv said:

A favorite misspelled catchphrase of astrostar, burned into my retinas from back when I paid attention to the Stax thread on HF. As I recall, he extolled the virtues of tube DACs, and sported an Audio Note build. This might be him, trolling here with a sock puppet account.


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12 hours ago, mainlythemusic said:

Hmm, a few errors here. The GG has the Amanero USB board which is built in Italy. You will find that board is OEM in so many middle and high end DACs, if you slag that off, well slag pretty much every DAC off on the market then.


Next point, the GG also has a FPGA DSD engine which BTW sounds better than PCM, which already sound damb good.

Next point, tubes can and do special things in amplifiers we all know that here. Stop trying to tell us different with your 'spec sheets'. Why is some of the best electrostatic amps (sounding the best) running tubes? GG, BHSE (final stage) T2, Justins new amp TBC, various other lauded KG designs. Not saying SS isn't good, I have a nice SS power amp for my speakers. We can go on all day about tubes v SS but you cannot claim tubes are beating by SS as a matter of fact, as it is not fact. 

Are you trying to say the current Sic Fet Carbon design beats all tube electrostatic amps, I don't think so. It is damb good, but not the absolute best IMO. Lets do a vote on here and see how many say it is v the T2, BHSE and GG shall we, which of course all use tubes in part of the gain stages.

Have you personally heard the GG yourself? As for the power supply in the GG as 'off-bay' this kind of fake news is what they hate in the states. Lampizator have worked tirelessly for the last 10 years developing their circuits. They don't need to 'buy off ebay'. Pure BS. It is you who seems to enjoy buying of ebay while we are on this subject, fair enough to try stuff out. But don't accuse a manufacturer of that without the proof.

Going back to you designing a tweaked up T2, didn't you try to build one before but it turned out to be a cluster fuck of a mess, and you bailed out?

Next, why is your Carbon CC got a half size PS in it, seems like a big empty box with a big pre ice tag - opps.

And many of your KGSShvs being mini style also have scaled done PS's. Bringing that up as you insist on talking about power supplies.

Anything I missed?




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So, what is the deal with Chord ? How come the Dave cost so much ? Then there are even claims This is purely because we have nothing to measure it against as the new design has no piers or competitor

Very solid claim, but still using the switching power supply ?

And googled pics 




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