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Chord Dave Any Good?


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I didn't heard Dave, but Dangerous Music Convert kills Yggdrasil, the Convert sounds huge, warm and beautiful, like a master tape without noise.

Bryston BDP-2 and Convert-2 are my dream source components.

Really, there isn't much (if anything) to improve at that level of quality.

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The only Bryston product I heard was the BDP-2, and was used as transport to the Convert via AES/EBU. I didn't heard their amplifiers, DAC, or other products and I have no clue about design, so can't argue with you guys on that.

I only know that what I heard was glorius, maybe is because of the Convert internal clock and sounds 99% as good with a regular computer, but I don't know, only heard the two units at the same time. 


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On 2016/6/17 at 9:07 PM, spritzer said:

Bryston and quality?  You surely are joking as Bryston is a special level of crap and bad engineering. 

IMHO, Bryston is not best but a least not crap speaking of sound quality.  So, what's the problem? (serious)

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What makes them horrible? I have heard and liked some Bryston stuff and I have seen well respected people use their stuff, so I took an interest just looked up the measurements on the Bryston BDA-1 and they are very good so your statement seems to me to be incorrect. You may not care for their choices but "horrible" output stages don't give 0.0007% distortion.

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