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  1. Happy birthday Chris
  2. Oh, I didn’t check, sorry for that. Please keep it as is. I got so excited seeing Kerry pictures and the “greed in me” yelled “me want!”
  3. Can I be added in for 4x of GRHV79xxx ? To miniaturized these stuff, @Kerry you are amazing !!
  4. Michael, please be well. That is the most important
  5. When I hooked my AMB Sigma 11 PSU into the same outlet as my T2 and has it turned on. Somehow my T2 and SR009 has noises (hums) on the right channel.... I pulled the Sigma 11 away out of the socket and my T2 is noise-free again ? Anyone has any clues that can please share ? Never mind, I found out that it is actually the device I am using as a source that is giving out noises rather than the psu or t2 *
  6. How is your kitchen so clean 0_0 ? @JoaMat
  7. Your best respond at the forum where the person you are calling out for is “active” ? I think the word “BS” is an understatement
  8. Lol...I never changed my Bias, and I just accidentally left the Mini on the whole evening + last night....this morning it blew my mind. She is still healthy for a moment, I thought she was going to go nuclear meltdown hah!
  9. Please count me in, GRHV 6x, GRLV 78- 2X and 79 -2X...uhm what is this mainboard ?
  10. Scooped up this original “thriller” in excellent condition from an old record store
  11. Hmm, so the options is to go with T2 PSU and Modified it, then use GRLV for +/-15V (additional option) ?
  12. I will be going this year. It will be my first CanJam , and would be great to see you there ! Though I am not familiar with the alcohol and bacon
  13. Mine is still running at 100-110C on the transistors and I accidentally left it on for 2 hours and 30 minutes the other day. It is still singing though
  14. I wonder when will Diamond come out as we are only upto Jade at the moment
  15. Not sure how you can outperform SR-009...even a tweaked up Variant, the 009S isn’t any better. The 009S is said to be personal preferences things, and from my point of view, it is exactly that. However, for ultimate performances, I would say 009 is a much more matured version of 009S, and to me, the 009 is clearly the true flagship. I also think it isn’t funny when people is interviewing about E-stats and not talking about the amplifier which it the Major thing of the technology.
  16. Definitely ! Chemicon is one of the Best
  17. How many unit of 009Bk are there ?
  18. There would have been magic smoke already if the secondary was shorted when the insulation melted ?
  19. Sound like Weeeessss! For the amounts of work and modifications that one may have to pull to make something work properly....and if someone is already doing that, may as well going for KG high-end designs instead
  20. I would love a portable amp/DAC similar to D10. The idea is to carry Stax from home to work and so on, and not on the bus, subway or walking out and about
  21. Heart broken by Stan passing today :(. RIP, my super hero
  22. You used perms-epoxy @rumina ? For heatsink on Transistors ?
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