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Hockey Thread - 2016/2017 Season


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Damn it!

It was a great game 7 and Ottawa showcased resiliency yet again, but the general pattern of Pittsburgh taking the leads made the ending predictable. Sucky ending for Gibson especially, who made some big time stops in P3 and OT1. 

This should be a fun Stanley Cup Final and I don't think I can make a prediction beyond assuming this series goes 6 or 7 games. Will Rinne show up like he has all postseason? How well do the Pens handle Nashville's aggressive D?

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Blah. My initial reaction last night was "Thanks for fucking that up, Nashville."

But then I got the blackhawks-douche out of me and can now admit that Pittsburgh is just on another level of resiliency compared to the rest of the league. I hate Crosby and like Malkin and have to admit that they're just the best overall combination of skill. Pairing them with Kessel, a shitload of speed, veteran niche players, an underrated young goalie, and (annoyingly) an excellent head coach... and you get the repeat. It's crazy they got through the wave of injuries this year with the same end result.


Anywho, I'm ready for offseason. Hawks are supposedly going to be very active. It would seem that Kruger, TVR, and Seabrook are gone. We gotta get faster via a retool, not a full rebuild. Skill is still there and the young guys looked decent throughout the season I thought.

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41 minutes ago, grawk said:

You watched that game and thought Nashville fucked up?  I guess I got something different from it.  Anyway, I look forward to Nashville continuing to get better.

Not specifically game 6. There was no excuse to get pounded in game 5 in Pitt the way they did. Especially coming off a ton of momentum from the wins in Nashville prior.

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