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Linkwitz Labs LX Mini


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After years of seeing Siegfried Linkwitz and his awesome creations at burning amp I'm seriously considering setting up a LXmini + 2 setup for my small apartment.


The prices on both the kits and the pre-built models seem pretty reasonable.

SL seems very bright, plus he is a local here in Marin County. I'm thinking of asking him if I can come by his house and have a listen.

Does anyone here have any experience with Linkwitz's stuff? Any advice would be much appreciated!

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3 minutes ago, cspirou said:

An LXMini system has been on my list for awhile. Recently Nelson Pass made an ASP for it which should be available on diyaudio eventually. If you do get around to auditioning this ask Linkwitz if you can hear the ASP version to compare.

For sure, CSP. One of the sellers of pre-built LXminis sells a 6-way amp with the Pass ASP built in that I'd strongly consider picking up.

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Absolutely - I have a pair of LX521, which I am about to upgrade to LX521.4 . His speaker designs are absolutely awesome. They simply disappear acoustically.

The LX-mini is much more forgiving of room layout, since it is a monopole and not a dipole. Someone I know has the LX-mini, and came across and we did a shoot out between them and the LX521. The only significant difference was the relative lack of bass on the -mini, which is overcome when paired with the subs. They also sounded more "forward" as compared with the LX521. But still pulled off the disappearing trick. And they are a whole lot cheaper to build than the LX521 by a very long margin.

Nelson Pass has done a discrete FET analog crossover for the -mini (see SL's site), circuit boards for this are apparently going to be made available on diyAudio.

SL is apparently very happy to let people come over and listen - and since you are local, why not get in touch with him?

LX521's in my listening room




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