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What are you smoking right now?

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Finally got a new humidor that I can use to transport today’s selections out to the patio.     Today’s choice 

Ramon Allones Specially Selected  

I'm surprised someone hasn't posted about lighting up the bong tonight. This would be the day for it.   Pardon me if the bong is not still in fashion. I haven't kept up with these things. 

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I love my KM, Matt. It's got a huge internal diameter, and it's rock solid. I smoke out of my Mya QT more often, since it's so easy to clean, but the KM was a good purchase.

If you're in the hookah market, I can give you a few tips (should you want them).

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I have the free hookah-shisha.com Mya mini. I like it well enough, and was ready to find a KM to buy, but as I kinda guessed might happen, I don't smoke hookah at home enough. I'm far too lazy and would rather pay somebody else to clean their own hookahs.

OTOH, my habit is getting a little expensive, so maybe I'll start doing it at home again too lol. I do have a ton of shisha.

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My memory of the name is wrong, it's just an Ultimate. Not a bad afternoon on the porch. Not a GREAT cigar, but decent, with a lot of smoke, medium body, and burns cool til the last 1/3.

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