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What are you smoking right now?


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how old are you? i turn 27 at the end of December, and i've been told that i look extremely intellectual when i'm smoking a pipe, not daft ;)

Remember that the fellow is the mirror is very untrustworthy when it comes to these kinds of things. ;)

well, i at least have the beard ;)

Keep smoking cigarettes and you'll be 50 soon enough too. :(

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i'm breaking in one of my Crocis, tonight. i'm thinking about maybe finally getting a Dunhill, but i really like the looks of the Peterson Rosslare #B10. i really like the system pipes, as you avoid a wet dottle, but my existing Peterson is kind of hot (the Crocis are the opposite, nice and cool, but wet).

I haven't smoked for the past 11 months, due to my efforts to lower my term life insurance policy I'm about to take out. I'm not sure if this will work, but the online form that I fuzzed resulted in cheaper numbers if the minimum time since last smoke was 12 months.

Obviously when I take it up again, I'll have my Dunhills, Petersons, Ser Jacopo, etc. lined up ready to go :)

I'd really like to find a super nice Churchwarden, as it's a fun shape. I have a Savanelli ... it's alright, not much to look at.

Have you ever used honey to break in your pipes? Someone mentioned that when I was over in Norway, and I think he was trying to take me for a ride ... maybe people do that ... who knows?

Perhaps you can help me with this ... do you know where to get Castello pipe tobacco?

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Gauloises Blondes....

We use to get those by the donkey load. We would catch donkey trains full of them being smuggled across the boarder from Syria. Made the cigarette smokers happy when we would land with the rear of the helicopter full of them.

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they are good cigarettes. i smoked those and mild sevens for a while, but both are expensive here.

Expensive yeah, like €4,- ($6,14) for a package, but then there are not many brands around here which cost less. They are even thinking of raising the price to something around €4,60 ($7,05) a package :eek: Ow well, they make good money from it...

I'm thinking about quiting soon though. Mostly because of the smell (health yeah too) but the smell disturbs even me and I smoke like quite often.

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now that i've (more or less) quit, i like not smelling my cigarettes, i have to admit.

That was one of the signs when I knew I had well and truly quit. Once cigarettes started smelling bad to me, and not enticing, I knew was free from their grasp. I do get occasional cravings, but not very often anymore.

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