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CanJam NYC 2023: February 25-26


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11 hours ago, spritzer said:

I only spent a few minutes with it using the new DCA and Shangri-la SR with an unfamiliar source so I can't really comment on it.  No issues I could hear but I'd need to spend some more time with it.  It's an impressive beast though.  :)  

I forgot to mention I also tried the Warwick Audio Bravura... what a piece of shit that is.  Now the amp was broken so no high gain mode available so I couldn't push the volume far enough.  Still it is the blandest sound imaginable, it does nothing well and you can clearly hear the DSP doing its best to try and fix the sound of the single ended transducers.  I suspect this will be far worse when the volume is pushed to normal levels. 

I actually have a couple of the Sonoma M1 headphones (dirt cheap now) and was planning on designing an amp for them (the Bravura uses the same amp) but I might not bother.  They clearly can't work with a direct signal so my plan is to just reuse the housings and design proper electrostatic drivers that fit in there. 

What do you think of GC versus T2?

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