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true, yet this entire report is designed for public consumption and bullshit anyway. What difference does it make that lo duca, for instance did some juice on LA when juice wasn't banned yet?

I wish he had kept taking them so he wouldn't have grounded into 30 billion inning ending double plays... :rock:

Bonds was significant before he did steroids. Yet I still hate the man and his huge stupid looking head, lady voice, and scumbagness all together. Does it make me hate him more that he did steroids? I dunno, he is what he is. If anything, steroids ruined his game in the long run. The guy is pretty useless.

Tell that to his ~.500 OBP!

On the other -- what about Babe Ruth? Shouldn't he get kudos for doing what he did without the use of steroids?

And without any black or Latin American competition. It's totally pointless to compare players from completely different eras with regular stats, which is why there are stats like OPS+ which compare against the rest of their league at that time. But still, he does have the highest career OPS+ anyway.

The thing that pisses me off about people who cry for asterisks on Bonds is how arbitrary it is. If we decide one record is tainted, then they all should be, because there is just no way of knowing who did what and how it affected them. And the last time I checked, Gaylord Perry is still in the HOF.

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If you have a real appreciaton for the sport, having a number broken won't reduce what babe ruth was. The only sad part, is that those numbers just won't be special anymore. That doesn't mean much though if what he did was still great.

what does bonds .500 obp mean? How many legitimate at bats did he have? Most of his OBP is cuz the man gets walked cuz pitchers are scared. big deal. So having him as a scare tactic doesn't make him useful... When the man makes a hit he can hardly move.

I want to see the running man again, thanks for reminding me! The way I see it athletes are lucky if their career doesn't end in an injury anyway, down the road who cares? Just another mule. If they think they are any better then that, why are they doing it to themselves? Its their own life to throw away for riches, and irresponsible fun. Maybe it's the kids who look up to them, and the uptight people that don't want to know how life really is, but find out and suddenly care that make it so wrong.

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If he wasn't a giant (no pun intended) lying, cheating, douchebag, I would want him on the Mets. But he is, so no.

Was it useful enough for them to make the playoffs last year?

The Giants are probably the worst run team in baseball. Their youngest position player, the recently signed Aaron Rowand, is 30! They suck. Bonds would have had a lot more runs and RBI's if anyone else on the team could hit.

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No offense to anyone who buys it, but the whole "It wasn't against the rules then" argument is bullshit. Just because MLB had its head up its ass doesn't mean that what they were doing wasn't against local, state and federal laws. I bet MLB doesn't explicitly state you can't kill a member of the opposing team when not on the field... But if someone did it, I doubt people would bother with the "It's not against the rules argument." There are bigger things than MLB rules... The spirit of the game and competition should outweigh some weasel's willingness to risk long-term health to gain an unfair advantage.

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