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So a while back I washed my jh13's and one earpiece had a hole so the drivers got wet. Decided I had enough, put them in a draw and forgot about them. A week or so ago, I decided to see if they could

I may be going on a limb here but I am guessing you prefer your 780p monitor over your friend's 4K Samsung. My brother in law had the same preference when he told his wife on their twenty second

It's here!

Posted Images

I got my sales receipt and mine will be here tomorrow. I don't usually use the word "giddy" do describe my emotional status, primarily due to the fact that my brother alerts me that it is a word reserved for women and homosexuals, but I may have to make an exception (on using the word giddy not on retaining my masculinity or heterosexuality).

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I got mine today! I've attached a pic.

I didn't get to hear these at CanJam plus I've never had customs before so I had no idea what to expect. Fits like a glove and while the isolation isn't really 100%, I'm still blown away at how much is passively attenuated. I'm not really happy how short the cord is though. Well it's long enough for portable applications of course, but it would've been nice to get like another foot (seems to be about 3' long). The y-split is also way too short - if it were like 2" shorter it'd choke my neck.

I'll follow up with a full review at some point to do my part, since I did win these at CanJam. ;)


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Wow, clear is crystal clear (or more precise, acrylic clear).

The cable is the same one used by Westone. They have a longer one available. Although, try asking Jerry, he might have some longer ones available.

As for the short y-split, it's because it's designed to be worn behind the head. Yeah, i wish the longer one had a longer left and right side to the y-split.


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Here's my post from the other site about my initial impressions:

I picked up mine last night from a UPS center by my house as the delivery guy failed miserably at knocking on my door.

Anyway, the whole time I was opening the box I was thinking to myself "I hope everything is ok with these so I don't have to ship them back." Lo and behold, I was staring at neon green iems with black artwork as opposed to the black iems with neon green artwork that I asked for. It was disappointing, to say the least, but as I didn't buy these to stare at but rather to listen to, I figured I might as well give them a shot at their intended purpose before I got too upset.

These are my first pair of customs and so it took me a little bit of time to get them seated correctly (or what my approximation of correctly was after having looked at Edwood's pics). It's an interesting feeling wearing customs. It's not wholly uncomfortable, but certainly more invasive than wearing earbuds which are the only other type of audio device I've ever had in my ears. It's definitely something I think I'll have to get used to.

As for the sound, let's just say it greatly lessened the disappointment I was feeling :). The bass is incredible to my ears. Neither the quantity nor the impact are overwhelmingly present, but it is very well defined. My frame of reference isn't as vast as a lot of members, but these iems resolve complex passages better than any headphone I've owned so far. I've listened to them for approximately 3 hours since I've received them and I've loved every minute of it.

I really want to get the color issue sorted out, but I'm not sure I want to part with them for the time it will take to do so :). They sound really really good.

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I don't know if this has been mentioned on HF but the case Jerry is using is the one he uses for his aviation side of the business. As a result of going to CJ, he got many more orders than he expected and ramped up production before he could get the cases that he wants to use for the audio line. The case is not an issue for me as my JH-13's will never go back in the case. I would not carry mine around in a hard case like that even at 1/3 the size.

I sent my pair back to have the artwork redone and the second time around they came out better. I had them within about about 4 days of shipping. It helps to be located about 3 1/2 hours from JH Audio. He may have tweaked the fit as well because the go in and out easier than they originally did and are more comfortable. They weren't bad originally but there was a bit of pain if I pushed them the wrong way, something I thought would go away as my ears adjusted. The seal is excellent. It doesn't completely cut out all sound but I didn't expect they would. The sq is pretty amazing, even directly out of my iphone. I could not be happier with my pair.

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I wonder when I'm getting mine.

UE11s were amazing last night when my neighbors decided that 2:30AM was the right time to start playing with all the fireworks they'd forgot to use when passed out earlier in the evening.

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Yup....and the fireworks have just started up again now that the rain has stopped. :(

My poor dog was out of his mind last night from the fireworks. He crawled into places not meant for an 85 pound golden.

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It will be a few weeks before any of us have the final custom product, so if you wanted to be cautious, and why not, I'd wait until then. I don't think iems can replace a good home set-up, but I also think my UE11s are better than many mediocre headphones, and I liked the universal 13s better than my custom 11s. I know of at least 6 head-casers that are getting them (me, tyrion, jp11801, vpi, edwood, iron dreamer) and I don't think any of us are going to say they're better than they may be or visa versa. Who else here is getting a pair?

I will be getting a pair my impressions were received by Jerry last week. My

only other pair of iems's that i own are a pair of SE530, the only thing i can compare the two iem's with are there prices and in that respect the JH13's blow the Shures out of the H2o.:P

waiting to get art work finalized with Adam their artist, who came from

UE, the excitement well.......like xmas in July.


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you know what's fucked up? if you were to shoot at the people letting off fireworks you'd be the person to go to jail.

If only I had silencer or a potato.

Fight fire with fire.

firework artillery shell bazooka

Having nearly blown out the windows of a dorm room in college with one of these, I can only imagine the fun of launching an artillery shell firework from the shoulder. Or blowing your ear off.

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