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So a while back I washed my jh13's and one earpiece had a hole so the drivers got wet. Decided I had enough, put them in a draw and forgot about them. A week or so ago, I decided to see if they could

I may be going on a limb here but I am guessing you prefer your 780p monitor over your friend's 4K Samsung. My brother in law had the same preference when he told his wife on their twenty second

It's here!

Posted Images

Where are the color choices!? I got my impressions done last night and will be joining TEAMCUSTOMIEMFOTM soon!

I think it's pretty much anything you want.

Peter, they look great.

Here is a pic of mine after the artwork was redone:


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folks these absolutely rock the house and as much as I like the HF2s I find myself using these straight out of the dac/amp in the home rig over all else

I've been going to these when it's time for headphone listening as well. I can't wait for the Slim.

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I'm listening to them out of the b22 and they are excellent. My HF2's will likely sit in my closet. The only issue is that the b22 has a gain meant to drive Senn's. At listening levels it's quiet but very little room on the volume control. A good amplifier really makes these things shine.

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