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The NHL 2010 playoffs thread


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Unbelievable! The Habs were on fire tonight, it's been a long while since hockey in Montreal has been that exciting! Now, the Bruins better get started on winning their series in case we make it alive out of game 7.

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Dang, I'm hoping the Bruins can survive the ECSF's, and not blow a 3-0 game lead. Philly's looking great the last couple games, and the Bruins got nailed hard with the David Krejci loss. Hoping they get back to form tonight.

In another (all-hockey) forum, many of the posters use "theme" avatars. The Bruins' theme for this season? "Get Some Nuts" They finally did it at the end of the season and into the playoffs. Now is not the time to self-castrate!

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Wow, GREAT game by the Habs, many congrats! I think I ended up watching more of that game than the Bruins game....

I think they're in the Stanley Cup series; honestly believe they can beat either of Boston or Philly the way they're playing.....

If it goes there, and looks like it will, Bruins should get some AHL players to Boston for game 7. Raise the energy level, and certainly the talent level the way these guys are playing!


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Can you feel the Force?????



On local news there was a guy who went all the way down to Pitt for that last game. Nothing special there but he was a season ticket owner (for the last 10 years) and he said that he refused to take the series tickets option for the present season based on the poor performance of his beloved Habs....:palm:

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And there go the Bruins................ :(

Do have to hand it to Philly, they never gave up.

Will try and enjoy the rest of the games, and wait for the draft.

GO.....??????????? (I'm thinking I'd like Chicago to take it all, before they have to dismantle some of the team after this season).

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Wow! that was an amazing game. The East conference finals should be amazing. Montreal manages to outplay and beat the best regular season team and the defending Stanley Cup winner and Philadelphia manhandles their arch rivals New Jersey and then comes back from being 3 games down to force a 7th game and then comes back from 3-0 to defeat Boston.

Both teams are teams of Destiny.

Go Flyers!

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I'm officially agnostic about who wins now, I'm ok with any of them. Maybe I'm in the "anyone but chicago" camp now...

I've stopped hating philly fans. They're passionate, but well informed. Much better than a lot of caps fans, and I say that as a caps fan.

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