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Question about head-fi's FS forums rules


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Pretty much the only posts I've ever seen from PUGSTUB are him selling off gear, particularly PCDPs, that he seems to acquire from various places (I think at least a few came from eBay). Is that basically OK by head-fi's rules? I'm a bit confused since someone had said once to me that they don't like you making a business selling things on head-fi without being an MoT.

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As far as I see it the buying and selling of commercial gear is complelely unregulated by Head-Fi. I've been told MoT's/Sponsor's tend to keep a close watch on the FS Forums - I've been warned for selling DIY stuff at what was perceived to be a profit ::).

Ah, I see. Okay then.

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If it appears that he is buying elsewhere ?Low? and selling ?High? on Head-Fi then he is making a business of it. If this bothers you and you don?t mind being a squealing rat bastard then by all means report him. ;D

What you?ve described is theoretically against the rules. Report him and let the highly impartial moderators decide. :D

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Well, if the PCDPs he's selling on head-fi are the same ones he's buying on eBay, then he is selling for substantially more than he is buying them for. As per your definition, it would appear he's making a business about it.

It just seems kind of weird that he can be so overt about it while I occasionally see the mods seem to suggest that they don't like when people do this. I'm not entirely thrilled by him doing it, though, as it just keeps up the massive price inflation on these vintage units going. Then again, soaking head-fiers for profit seems like it's OK there or something so long as not too many people complain, so maybe it's just standard fare...I don't know.

"Squealing rat bastard", huh? Someone feeling a bit guilty? ;D

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Yeah, like charging 350 Euros for a pair of K340s, give me a fucking break :o

Its called a free market economy.

If the price is too high no one will buy.

I think head-fi's rules about selling are idiotic.

I guess if you pay them protection money like the commerical vendors (do they pay?),

then they would let you make money too, as long a head-fi gets their cut.

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