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Ibasso D12 vs Pico DAC/Amp


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There were plenty of tubes designed to work at low voltages and made super small but using tubes is just a marketing trick. "Hey this one is different!!!" Then you ALO to the mix and it's probably horrible in every way.

Gimmick or not, I did think the TTVJ portable Millett Hybrid sounded wonderful, and it worked well as a traveling desktop replacement amp. Although the noise floor was a little too high for using with IEM, it could drive high impedance phones like my 600 ohm AKG and 300 ohm HD600 better than any of my other portable amps at the time. And it did a great job with low impedance phones like Grado RS-1 and Denon D7000 too. For a while I would travel on longer trips with a small Headroom.com headphone bag that held my HD600, TTVJ amp and a portable DAC.

Granted, I've never tried the ALO amp, so I won't comment on that.

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The TTVJ amp works well because Pete knows his stuff. The gimmick comment was aimed at ALO since it is bound to be badly built garbage. Just look at the Rx, sounds like shit and they are up to Mk3 now because they can't seem to fathom that li-ion batteries do not behave as alkaline's. You can't just wire them with a CT and expect it to work...

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Birgir, that's what I thought.

But Larry, the thing is that to me it sounds like it could well have been a great SS portable amp, and having tubes, as Birgir said, looks much more like a gimmick rather than something that actually provides sonic benefits over a well designed SS amp. But then again, this is based on pure guessing as I haven't heard it.

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This is the Micro USB to USB adapter I'm using. Hopefully Google will see fit to implement the appropriate USB audio drivers in the next version of Android. Then all devices will support this functionality. Until then, huge props to Samsung for leading the way on something important to a very small number of people. Maybe one of their developers is an audiophile.

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