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    If only I could make Julie London less lonely. And next...
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    So our May ride got rained out (the family friendly ride). Today, however, was our makeup ride and wrap-up party. About 15-20 of us made it out to do a ten mile ride at the riverpark, along the TN River. Xavier and I rode, and he was the youngest participant by at least 6 years. We wound up being swept and came in right as they were serving burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. We ate lunch, had the award ceremony (where our team won largest team), and then we said goodbye for a few more months to some Diabetes association friends and we signed up to do the 25 mile ride together next year. After everyone packed up, Xavier wanted to ride some more, so we did enough to make him realize he needed some bike shorts, so we called it a night and headed home. Thanks to everyone who supported us and the cause to help Diabetes awareness and research, it's really appreciated! All in all, we raised 123,000$ in the Chattanooga Tour de Cure! A little short of our goal, but still a pretty solid showing. <3 Brent
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    Ah maybe take the McRoskey off the list. I agree on the sale wait recommendations, but I'll also add that spending crazy money on a mattress/box springs probably makes much more long term sense than almost everything else we discuss buying on this site, no? Restful sleep, a third of your life, and all that. Not as sexy as audio gear or a car, but c'mon it's a bed... [Marilyn Monroe not included]
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    My first all black KGSSHV: Soft white power light...
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    Mainly, it seemed the most likely candidate to receive an unlocked boot loader and have developer support on Verizon. The crazy screen, slim bezels, micro-SD card slot, removable battery, laser auto-focus, button layout and $99 on Verizon deal didn't hurt. Gotta say I love the double tap screen on/off feature. Aside from that, I don't like the looks of the S5 or its health/finger reader gimmicks (not going for the company that developed KNOX either). The m8 is heavy, slippery, and more fragile due to its metal construction, not to mention having to deal with S-off BS, etc. The Note 4 would probably be tempting when it comes out if the boot loader does not actually get unlocked, though the G3 is still very useable one handed. LG makes very nice cases to add protection, wireless charging, and not increase thickness hardly at all. Here is a gallery of the setup. I had to reduce the screenshots to a quarter of their size to avoid the 2560 x 1440 resolution.
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    Don't you have other things to worry about?
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