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  1. Release date for the SR-X1 is set at May 9th: https://stax.co.jp/product/srs-x1000/ I've already placed a preorder.
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  2. "See honey? His wife didn't object to the Wilsons!"
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  3. That murdering cunt should rot in hell.
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  4. Completely agree! When you slaughter your ex wife and another completely innocent person because they happened to be there, then you DO NOT deserve to rest in any kind of peace! You deserve an eternity of ass rape with a spiked mace. R.I.H. OJ Simpson!
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  5. The 2006 energy of these photos. "Rotel Kitteh is warmin' hiz harbls on yr tranzistors."
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  6. Yes, stuck in that hell hole all weekend at a nearby holiday inn express
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  7. Give my regards to Larry (headphone addict}
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  8. This is funny, I just bought some SRD-7's to use as donors for my own boxes. A SR-Lambda was included with one of those energizers and just look at that serial number... Aside from the foam in the earcups being crusty and the earpads having been replaced at some point, they play perfectly for a 45 year old set.
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  9. Ehhhhhh fuck that guy... Anybody who sells part of a bank to his own father, needs to be taken out back and shot. Icelandic politics are such a cluster fuck right now, we have a major problem of attracting only idiots to power and it is really biting us in the ass now. Then we have the upcoming presidential elections with just one round of voting and 30 people running. It's also held in the middle of summer, 50% turnout would be high so our next president could have 4% of actual support behind him. Yeah no provision to have the two top people duke it out in a second round. Very democratic... On top of that, alleged child molesters and other trash in the running but they are from the artsy elite so nobody does anything. It's a shitshow...
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  10. I've been away but this one was short lived but really bad. Some 30-40 thousand people lost all heating to the houses (in -10°C weather) and the electrical grid couldn't keep up so they lost that and cold water too in some places. Now another eruption is forecast in 3-4 weeks and that might just be the new norm for us.
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