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    Very funny, although i'm sure it would be even funnier for parents....
  2. ^indeed same here. The only other speakers I would have liked to hear are those MBL Radials...but yeah the Sanders must have been pretty sweet.
  3. x2, would definitely watch that movie, commercial, etc. Heres the solo beats link: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/monster-beats-dr-dre-solo
  4. 40mm Seiko Chronograph on 1saleaday Edit: Actually its a 38mm dial since its 40mm including the crown. So may be a bit too small for some.
  5. Damn....53mm on those Swiss Legend chronograph watches. You guys got some big wrists...
  6. Nice wrist shot Mike! That Doxa looks fantastic. I'm thinking of picking up a custom homage Panerai from Getat. Since Panerai's wear pretty large in general I was afraid the 44mm might be too large on the wrist especially with the crown protector, but when I saw an actual 44mm Panerai in person my worries of it being too large faded away. My wrist is not large, about 6.5-6.75''
  7. Wow, the Panerai is stunning.
  8. Deadneddz


    Not from 1saleaday but here: http://www.amazon.com/Ice-Samurai-Japanese-Inspired-Watch/dp/B004G474UU
  9. Happy belated Birthday Milos!! Hope you had a great one.
  10. The East India Rosewood on the headphone stand is just nuts.....so gorgeous.
  11. I would love to see the manufacturing process on this beast. Those drivers look absolutely amazing....no PCB electrode this time. Looks like the SR-009 is a headphone that they went full scale assault on and this time it seems they had enough time to do it. When the guy on the left adjusted the headphones it seems that only the headband moved up and down within the arc assembly and not the arc assembly itself. If that's the case then people with big heads won't look awkward with these on! Now it's the people with small heads that are going to have a huge gap between the headband and arc assembly.
  12. Perfect timing indeed... Count me in on this KG.
  13. Nice discount you guys got off MSRP, and I can't wait to hear these and read some impressions.
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