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  1. LMAO at the shameless Afroman background music. i-Dosing...what a load of shit.
  2. awww, but its got J-Money leather on there and his mother took the pictures... but yeah seriously, there's a reason why that set hasn't sold yet...
  3. Ouch, i'm not sure how much can be done to fix something like this other than replacing the drivers, but best of luck to the repair!
  4. Happy Birthday! Have a great one!
  5. Happy Birthday Scott! Hope you have a great one!
  6. No, I haven't ordered a pair yet. Last I talked to Craig, he basically said it was impossible to get a group buy going without making them suspicious. But after trying out JP's O2 with MK2 pads, I definately have to get in on a pair, MUCH less sweaty.
  7. The replacement O2 pads look much thinner when its not streched by the spring mechanism and actually on the headphone.
  8. These are great suggestions, but try to do a system restore through the control panel first running windows in normal mode. If you have a clean restore point, its as simple as pressing a button to go back to a virus free state. Opening up task manager quickly before the virus boots was only so that you can terminate it and access the system restore option(since the virus is shutting down your programs automatically), since you need to be running as admin. Good luck.
  9. When you restart the computer, does the malware boot up right away? If not, restart your computer, and before the malware boots up, open the task manager quickly, then terminate the program when it appears, so that you can open the programs you need to restore your computer. Then open up the control panel and click system, and do a system restore to a previous malware free state. If you don't have a good restore point, then at least you can download the programs needed without the malware shutting everything down. Hopefully this helps you. Edit: Postjack, you don't need to go through the hassle of reinstalling your entire computer. A rogue virus is not a huge deal. If you cannot find a good system restore point, then at least open task manager quickly before the virus boots up and after you terminate it you can open up a browser to use software like this: http://www.malwarebytes.org/ to scan and remove the rogue virus from your computer.
  10. Ooooh I went there Friday night. Lou Malnati's is good indeed. But one of the biggest things I missed was going to Hot Doug's. I even planned before heading out to Chicago to stop by, but I somehow still missed it. For people to actually say that a 1-2 hour+ wait was worth it, they must be making some seriously outrageous creations.
  11. Deadneddz

    Canjam 2010.

    Did Spritzer get in a bar fight? Looks like he has a black eye.
  12. Deadneddz

    Canjam 2010.

    Safe trips everyone. I'll finally be leaving in about an hour! This is gunna be fun!
  13. Or "tetanus", either way you lose. At least my "care-o-meter" will be a little higher if these are going to be at CJ...
  14. Happy Birthday Brent!!!
  15. wow...congrats Icarium. Thats great news on the imaging and overall balance and refinement. These look super promising and makes me really glad that CJ is just right around the corner...
  16. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a good one.
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