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  1. FREE SFJAZZ High School All-Stars Big Band & Combo Winter Concert at 5pm PT/8pm ET today. Comprised of two ensembles - the Big Band, led by Paul Contos, and the Combo, led by Dann Zinn - the SFJAZZ High School All-Stars is pre-professional training program for current Bay Area high school age jazz musicians. In a typical year, the All-Stars rehearse and perform throughout the school year at the SFJAZZ Center, receive mentorship and clinics with leading jazz professionals, record a studio album, and appear at music festivals and competitions. This year however, the Al
  2. Cause we were in the Santa Cruz mountains today and someone was raving about the barely alive KPIG which lead to a Spotify playlist they created and the reference up North...
  3. blessingx


    If your lifelong dream is to eat pink, candy-flavored Mac ‘n Cheese, now is your chance. https://candykraftmacandcheese.com/Home/EntryForm
  4. Any chance there are easier options or at least sillier options?
  5. Haven't thought about Silence of the Lambs in a while.
  6. So good. Bukowski kicking a Stallone ass is always welcome. Best coupled with the related book.
  7. RIP. Was Screech the one whose penis size Howard Stern was obsessed with?
  8. For what it's worth, I don't know how Maher, relatively benign faults though he has (though liked or disliked), remotely ranks on the danger/batshit crazy areas Weinstein and Heying often hit, especially outside their specialities (though I guess their specialities since Evergreen have been what?..."free speech", "identity politics", "gender", "popular culture", and everything else?) Maybe they're mutating though as this is the first time I've seen them go three minutes straight without spiraling out to kookyland, as you mentioned. They really are smart Jordan Petersons and that's not a compli
  9. I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.
  10. Don't forget Queen Hippolyta
  11. How did I never know about Eaze.com?
  12. The other big release this week... https://m.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-gfx-100s-initial-review https://jonasraskphotography.com/2021/01/27/fujifilm-gfx100s-gf80mm-f1-7-first-look-more-than-full-frame/
  13. Is there an over/under on how many Jeff will purchase by EOD?
  14. blessingx

    The Wire

    Optimistic compared to John Waters' Baltimore.
  15. I think it's fair to say you'll get a wide range of opinions on Zu speakers, but I still love my Zu Gloss Prismatique Orange Souls. Hardly listen to Rock or Metal though. Due to a few reasons other than sonic, I may eventually switch to KEFs, but I'm a fan (especially with vinyl).
  16. RIP blacklisted writer, director, and producer Walter Bernstein at 101 https://www.theguardian.com/film/2021/jan/24/walter-bernstein-blacklisted-hollywood-screenwriter-dies-at-101?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  17. Some of the Lytro team ended up on the Light project. Quality was never part of the Lytro initial push (mentioned in Light discussions that it would there) and thus Lytros gen 2 failed and display infrastructure collapsed. I've still got one collecting dust. It was mostly used taking trick shots of other HCers drinking. I also had the L16, but returned during the 30 day window. Software was buggy ("hey, it's only beta!" Did it ever get out of beta?), quality and output fluctuated, and Apple and Google was right behind with less hardware and seemed even then to likely soar right past. Computati
  18. I'm going to be of little use as my use case was different, but if you haven't compared to the MOTU M2, you may as they're ball park cousins at the same price. Some YT comparisons on power and output noise.
  19. blessingx


    Many probably have this with your HBO subscription, but Apple (and maybe others) have the Chernobyl series on sale for $9.99 right now. That's bang for buck. https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/chernobyl/id1460716823?mt=6&at=11lJXm
  20. Yeah. I have the sd Quattro H (occasionally post shots over at https://www.instagram.com/blessingx/ ) . Love the images. Dislike the ISO limitations to get the best images. Kinda consider it my [digital] film camera. The full frame Foveon version of the fp was promised last year, delayed until this year, then almost immediately delayed indefinitely... but “still coming.” They’ve announced some sensor bug that required them to start over. Sounded serious. They’ve said it will be a more Merrill design with 20MP triple layered (3x20), requiring a larger body than the fp and due to readout times,
  21. Thanks for the link and yep. And they gave up on X-Trans on their GFX line, for debatable reasons. The MP climb has probably solved this one. I feel like that conversation gets much more interesting when comparing Bayer and Foveon (Merrill or Quattro) sensors, though there with the limited ISO range (and lessened dynamic range increase over the years), it's almost never apples to apples. Plus who knows if there will be another Foveon camera again? Can't imagine it makes financial sense at this point with the market crashing.
  22. Props for the APS mention! I'm shooting GFX50r and X-Pro2 now. Definitely prefer some other cameras for shooting experience, autofocus, even perceptual resolution for the same MP, but Fuji for best [many] skin tones starting points in mixed light, etc. As I snap, that's pretty much everything. Note: there are plenty of YT videos arguing the different system preferred colors. Back in the late 80s, I worked in a camera shop in the Midwest for a few years, and remember the conversations about Kodak film colors going for accuracy where Fuji went for colors as people remembered them. Sometime
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