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  1. Maybe 'ho' means something even worse in Australia? Like goat-licker? Or maybe it's just Santas gasping of breath with the sun beating down on them in Summer?
  2. Next they're going to recommend against saying 'baaaaaad.' baaaaaad .
  3. Do you think just non-whores are potentially offended?
  4. Justin I just emailed you page 19. Still trying for 2.
  5. As others have said, use Google cache to get any info you need before it possibly disappears. This includes the entire Pico'>www.head-fi.org/forums/showthread.php%3Ft%3D261440+pico+head-fi&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=1&gl=us]Pico thread. Also it looks like the Wayback Machine may have gotten some of the site.
  6. 60% chance of rain and "lightning likely." Seems a mixed message.
  7. Yeah, sorry to disappoint. At a substantially reduced cost, I picked them up after spending time with a couple pairs and owning other Ultrasones. While I prefer the GS1K for most situations, there isn't another closed can I prefer sub-$1K. Apologies AT fans. I agree though they can sound flat with a lot of gear. The recent San Jose meet showed that. So maybe there aren't enough members here to have one who liked the Ed.9 enough to consider balancing. Last call?
  8. Ugh. Why did this have to be the next link I clicked?
  9. Same problem with Safari 3 here yesterday (no CSS load and cookie break), though later on the Touchs "mobile" Safari it was fine.
  10. So Georgia is having a drought and the governor decided the best fix is going 'old school.' We taking bets on this working in 2007? Anyone know how Alabama spinned the continuing drought?
  11. Do we know which Grados? I think the GS1Ks sound very nice with the WA6. Seems with the right tubes it works with the GS1Ks midrange issues. Actually my only problem with the WA6 (with any rectifier) is its rather closed sounding which doesn't help with the Senns. As for the WA5, I haven't heard a phone (including the K1K) sound less than great with it.
  12. Anyone balance their Edition 9s and if so any comments on the change from SE? My balanced experience is pretty limited to the Senn line where there is a decent change.
  13. Nobody gets fucked in Hollywood as bad as the writers. If I remember correctly, Charles Bukowski got 1/80th the pay of Mickey Rourke for writing a film about his own life of which Rourke starred.
  14. Hollywood is responsible of plenty of great work in its history. It's hard to ignore the other 94% though.
  15. The O.E.D. is a historical dictionary, providing citations meant to show the evolution of every word, beginning with the earliest known usage. So a key task, and a popular sport for thousands of volunteer word aficionados, is antedating: finding earlier citations than those already known. This used to be painstakingly slow and chancy. When Paton started in new words, she found herself struggling with headcase. She had current citations, but she says she felt sure it must be older, and books were of little use. She wandered around the office muttering headcase, headcase, headcase... See here
  16. Not sure. I got serial EA-007 this weekend. Others have serials beginning with A-xxx and the photo on the site seems to be another series.
  17. Just picked one up yesterday from Craig (at Bay Area meet). A few more photos if you're interested...
  18. For those of you who've held on to your GS1000s (there are a couple left, right?), what amp are you using?
  19. Old thread, but I just wanted to say you know Bob was just ahead of it's time. I mean if we forget about traditional computers GUIs, Bob was just more intuitive from a non-virtual view point. It's obvious from the screenshot. To launch a program you hunt for the icon. If you can't find it, you click F1 to see if it's hiding under the seat cushion or behind the right door. Very efficient. Also related items are grouped together. In the case of entertainment, the laptop running the alien attack game is right next to (as in real life) the fireplace that doubly serves as a pong game played in hell
  20. blessingx


    Where's "other"?
  21. I've never heard of "bug ugly." Interesting, the different slang goin' around. Someone over at that other headphone site once claimed fugly meant "fat & ugly." Anyway, should people being losing sleep over the winner/loser- the results are in [pdf-press release].
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