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  1. It has to be something by The Captain & Tenille or Tony Orlando & Dawn.
  2. ... you may find the article The Bjork-Barney Enigma Machine [NYTimes] interesting.
  3. It may not bother everyone, but the compression on the pads are visual. And keep in my the deep woodies have a lot more wood than the normal woodies (which I believe you have), thus more weight. This is no criticism of Larrys/Headphiles work as a whole. I had him deep wood/C-pad my HF-1 the same time and very happy with them (finally a Grado with a soundstage).
  4. Which ones have you heard with it?
  5. The reflection off the back of them really stretches out the horizontal (but not vertical or deep) soundstage. This is the biggest effect the deeps have on the Senn sound. The tighening up both ends of the spectrum is there, though much more minor (for HD650, I suspect from others comments there are greater effects on the HD580/HD600). They decrease the Senns "airy" nature a bit (bad) while being more focused (good). I'd recommend them for the soundstage or the looks (which once you get use to the goofiness of the size ... is quite beautiful - these hold there own with the CD3K/R10/etc.). They have one big disadvantage though and it's why I just sold them this weekend - their weight compresses the pads significantly and it can be uncomfortable for longish listens. If one of the reasons you pick the Senns in the first place is their non-fatiguing nature, this can be an issue. It ended up being one I couldn't quite get over.
  6. Kinda interesting New Yorker article here.
  7. BTW, anyone know where I can get episodes 1-6 of the first season of The Ricky Gervais Show?
  8. If the NX-01 is any indication, there are serious price/performance advantages to his amps. Will be curious to hear more about this.
  9. KCRW's Film Reviews NBC Meet the Press Slate Magazine Sparkletack San Francisco The Al Franken Show and of course, The Ricky Gervais Show Use to listen to The Dawn & Drew Show which can be fun for awhile.
  10. Just got my Lavry ten minutes ago. Quick question for those with one: does the LED volume panel move when you increase or decrease the volume? As if it's not anchored down? Also I find it difficult to adjust the volume by a single digital as it jumps by two. This is more common up so I have to go up then back down. PFKMan23, is this the problem you had? Was it completely fixed? BTW, I just compared it directly against the TubeDAC+. Wowee Zowee.
  11. See this article [NYTimes] for information on early 'pop' music. Much is available from UCSB. FOR a couple of months now my iPod has been stuck on Stella Mayhew's "I'm Looking for Something to Eat." It's a lurching little waltz-time pop tune, drawled over brass-band accompaniment. The lyric is hilarious, the lament of a gal on a diet who can't stop eating, and it climaxes with a glutton's soul cry: "I want some radishes and olives, speckled trout and cantaloupe and cauliflower/ Some mutton broth and deviled crabs and clams and Irish stew." I can't get it out of my head ? so far, it's my favorite record of 2006. As it happens, it's also my favorite record of 1909. It is an Edison Phonograph Company wax cylinder, recorded 97 years ago by Mayhew, a vaudeville star who liked to poke fun at her considerable girth. In certain ways, the song is up to date: the satire on dieting is plenty relevant in the early 21st century, and Mayhew's slurred talk-singing is a bracingly modern sound. But the noisy, weather-beaten recording is unmistakably a product of the acoustic era ? the period from about 1890 to the mid-1920's, before the advent of electric recording ? when musicians cut records while crammed cheek-by-jowl-by-trombone around phonograph horns in rackety little studios...
  12. Interestingly when I was on the phone with Zu today and asked if they made adapters, he responded to pick up a Neutrik coupler and when prompted with the question "will it have a detrimental effect on the Mobius sound" responded "no". Also of note, as opposed to Stefan AudioArts up to 2 1/2 month turn around, Zus retermination is a two days wait.
  13. Last (hopefully) retermination question (and sorry for threadjacking). I know a couple of you mentioned connecting directly to the DA10 balanced output is a little different than standard setups and to use a female-female adapter. Every balanced amp I've seen (including the new HeadAmp GS-X would go the other way (way adapters are suggested), but I wanted to ask except for direct out of DACs (DA10, DAC1, etc.) are there any other examples where an XLR female on the headphone cable would actually make sense? Is there some debate in the manufacturing world, or is it overwhelming (for balance world anyway) XLR male (for headphone cable)? Thanks.
  14. I'm a bit lazy to cross-reference bands, etc. So ignore if you want, but my big finds over the last few years are: Kate Rusby - Little Lights, Ten Hem - Rabbit Songs, Eveningland Cesaria Evora - self-titled, Very Best Of Gillian Welch - Time (the Revelator), Soul Journey Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, Blacklisted
  15. Could someone tell me the difference between an unwired and a prewired coupler?
  16. For those unacquainted, a little taste of Merton, post ban (and probably pre next ban).
  17. From an old graphic (to try to get someone to buy my CD3Ks)...
  18. Just got an email from Zu. $50 plus shipping now. ;(
  19. There should have been an interrobang option!?!
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