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  1. Just got off the phone with Tats...Stax will be showing new headphones at RMAF. Don't know much more than that.
  2. Just using the tubes Todd gave me, and the one's he said were the best of those.
  3. I have to say that having the opportunity to listen to the 009 and 007 side-by-side had me changing my views somewhat...there's things I like about both. Then I heard Bob's modded 007, which basically split the difference, and felt, "Yeah, that's the ticket."
  4. Holy mackerel, this is amazing. Truck digs itself out of sand with traction control setting. https://goo.gl/uG0nP1 Sorry, can't embed, would love if someone would.
  5. Hard to get red right in photos, maybe they can send you a paint chip to check it out before it arrives. Also, I think you should remover the wheels and make some sort of hollow base and then mount it to the Ariel Atom. You'd be the hit of the parade...for 46 seconds.
  6. Had one here for about 2 hours....what a royal pain in the ass to use.
  7. Yup. Yeah, I think they're really nice. I think you'll enjoy them. Only three conductors on the cables.
  8. My experience was that it responds well to better amplification. Build away!
  9. Actually quite the opposite. I find the PM3 very close to neutral and relatively flawless (bearing in mind that headphones are rarely anything close to flawless). So, my problem as a reviewer is to identify where they fall short. The problem with the PM3 for me is they don't obviously fall short, and I had to work hard to identify any flaws. That digging for error skews my perception of them as I do it and I have to rebound a bit afterward. Review out later today.
  10. No...I'm going back to the A-...hell, maybe an A. This is a really good headphone.
  11. Okay, thanks for checking. It might be that at the levels I was listening at at the time it was an audibility threshold thing, but I hear it at any level really. The end result for me is that the PM3 sound a little boring relative to a can with that region intact.
  12. Just barely. Do you have some other cans you can try to see the relative loudness of the brushes in the mix? Oh and thanks for checking it out.
  13. Ruh rho. Just heard something I can't unhear. Seems like brushes on snare almost go completely missing to my ears. On Rickey Lee Jone "Dat Dere" 18 seconds in the drummer starts rubbing the brushes on the snare. It's almost inaudible on the PM3 and clear as day on the HP50. Gonna have to grade these down to a B or so. Love to hear if other hear this. Full review by the end of the week.
  14. Yeah, I'm about to review them. A- is about right, I reckon.
  15. I'd be hard pressed to name a product that introduced more people to their first elevated audio experience than the SR60. He brought a lot of music to people. RIP Joe. Condolences to family and friends.
  16. Woot! Just catching up on this one. FWIW (not much really) the Sprint is an excellent choice. I'm mostly into old school bikes except for my FJR---which is the perfect bike to end up in Iowa with after a days ride, but not really a good choice for riding around town. (It's a bit big and unwieldy.) My only real advice comes from hanging around on Adventure bike forums, where people in the know looking for a general purpose road riding bike end up with Triumphs about every other time. The other 50% is a mix of odds and ends people might have a hard-on for. So, not so much good advice from me, but motorcycles makes me smile!!!
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