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  1. My take is hi-res is marginally better on hi-fidelity systems. I do sense an increased sense of ease in the experience. But re-mastering is WAY more important. If "hi-rez" can be sold to the public with the bullshit numbers argument and we get MQA hi-res streaming available on premium services at $20-$30/month...I'm fine with that... ...as long as we're also getting re-mastered music that sounds like it was supposed to. As an aside, I did chat with a number of folks at CES that were aware of pretty significant efforts at the labels to do just that.
  2. Jerry and his wife had mentioned her a number of times when I was around; there was always a deep sense of a parent's love when they did. It seemed like they were fully committed to loving and caring for her as best as they could. I think they knew the day would be coming and they embraced their time with her. So poignant and sad.
  3. I got the embargoed press releases and didn't see any high-end stuff. Axel Grell will be at CES...so there's that. Who knows?
  4. Indeed! Good tidings and hopes for healing in the new year.
  5. ^^^Me too, sorry Larry. Keep working it and encouraging your daughter, you're both on a long road to recovery. Good thoughts your way.
  6. Dunno. But you'd think there'd be a consistent FR within reason.
  7. I've been there...astoundingly cool. They've got a top notch facility and staff. The fact they don't make great headphones every time just shows how hard it is to make good headphones. They're better than most though, for sure.
  8. 5" of fresh snow yesterday and last night....it's a winter wonderland out there. Thank God I commute in my slippers. Really beautiful and quiet this morning. :sip
  9. Happy Birthday, John! Have a good one.
  10. There's so much insanity going on here I don't even know where to start.... Fortunately, you did. :popcorn
  11. Like Nate said, not gonna happen. Bottom line, I gotta write, not organize meets.
  12. It's Jude, Warren, and Ethan. I don't see a problem with increasing vendor interest in the enthusiast community by involving more of them. They're the ones with the money to make this sort of thing really possible. I think Warren and Ethan are good people and would vouch for Warren and his motives personally. We'll never recapture the glow of the genie in the bottle we once had. I'm grateful to have been a part of it. Now, it'll have to be something new and this has the energy to be it. Am I excited for it like the old days? No. Do I think it's a good thing and am excited to see what may come of it? Yes. I'll be there.
  13. Yep, diffusion good, absorption troublesome. Be careful how much you put in the room.
  14. Ha! I did have it at my house for a while and played around with it.
  15. I listen every Saturday, and to the reruns for the past two years. A breath of fresh air indeed. Condolences Ray, you're brother was a shining light. I'm sorry you'll not again be able to say.... "Ha! We're back!" RIP Tom
  16. Sorry Shelly, I don't know the gear well enough to answer your question.
  17. Yeah, I had it here for a week before sending it off to Rob. It's a solid amp/DAC at a bargain price. Worth $2000 pretty easily, me thinks.
  18. Did you read the review? I don't like the 812 and think the HD800, despite its troublesome nature, is one of the world's bed headphones.
  19. Umm...http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/akg-k812-professional-reference-headphone
  20. Very interested in your impressions. It's always a bit worrisome to review a headphone without a lot of pre-existing feedback in the community.
  21. Damn, sorry. Someone started to kvetch about LH going back to the crowd funding well before they even delivered previous product from other campaigns. And it just lit a fire of wrath from many industry people agreeing that LH is fucking screwing the pooch. Sort of evident that LH has pissed in the corn flakes one too many times.
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