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  1. Great idea, Stretch. Sorry no video with this one...hell, I don't even know if it will embed. Cool. It worked.
  2. ^^^On a Grado? He's just managed to move into the 1980's with the mini-plug. Don't rush him, man.
  3. Bullshit. They smell like sauerkraut and dumplings...right out of the box. Damn Australians!
  4. Just a note here: Andy Regan Joined JH Audio and Jerry discovered that Andy's wife Sue had run the service department at Cardas. She's now working at JH as the Service manager. So, there's a possibility that their service will improve. No surety, of course, but it might be worth giving them a second chance servicing your gear...might. We'll see.
  5. You wouldn't say that if you had seen what I did during a recent factory tour and lesson in planar magnetic design from their engineering staff. They're moving so fast internally that they've got to roll out their latest innovations as fast as they can just to keep track of them. Watch Audeze, they're doing fucking interesting stuff.
  6. As I read it---and I could be way off here---there is no analog signal coming off the lightning connector. The DAC has to be in the headphones. So you're killing off any passive headphone use on iDevices. Sennheiser will have to be doing a lot of catch-up if they want to connect to an iPhone. Love to hear if someone has a link to the actual spec.
  7. Whisky. Alex Rossen of Audeze took the pic, but there's a movie as well. He hasn't posted it yet, but it's pretty funny...okay, pretty stupid and funny.
  8. Yeah. I have to say I love the PM-1. I plays to my weakness for yummyliscious sound...but it's not going to be for everybody. I'll be posting a very positive review after I post all my Newport shit. I've been talking with Igor (the designer) a lot about the review and stuff. ANyway, to get back on topic, they're sending me the HA-1 after Newport.
  9. It's the same thing that makes your own farts smell good. Don't know what the cause is though...hey, mmm, that smells good.
  10. I'll look into it. I'd like to get some measured. Thanks Al, I'll keep it in mind as things get rolling. Not sure what we're missing yet.
  11. Just wanted to note here that I'm willing to measure any of these old estats if interested. Stax Mafia Makes Unrefusable Offer and I Begin an Electrostatic Headphone Measurement Program
  12. Sweet! Looking forward to seeing you, Peter!
  13. I really want to get my hands on a GS-X...it's the one that will give the AURALiC a run for it's money, me thinks.
  14. ^^^Eggsacery so, to all of the above. We should ban this guy now...it's the nicest he'll ever be treated.
  15. Actooly, I think the headphone amp reviews there are seriously lacking. Budgets....arghh.
  16. You'll kill yourself if you fart...'course, wouldn't want that to get into the starter either, so you're good.
  17. Spent a year trying to make good bread. Alas to no avail. Jacob is wize...much of "the trick" is in the shit you bake it on and in.
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