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  1. I kinda thought this FB post about Light Harmonic was interesting.
  2. Yup. It's a simple thing, but when unavailable it can be very frustrating and difficult to do music discovery searches. I like that (on the web app) you can see related artists and click through them to check other relations.
  3. It's the same extrusion for sure...I asked Todd about it. Don't think it was homage, he just liked the shape.
  4. They sounded pretty good to me on short listen. And yes, portable orthos are coming. Keep your eye out.
  5. Peter! Have a happy birfday, mate!
  6. I've got mixed feelings about Pono. But for sure, he's got to get a better line. In other news, I had a chat with George Cardas. He's redone his IEMs and the new versions are very cool....I'll be posting pix on IF soon. He's evidently struck (is striking) a deal with Pono to ship with his new cans as one of the headphone options. They're VERY nice looking and ergos are MUCH better, sound seems pretty good too, on initial listening.
  7. See? This is why I feel I shouldn't do a review sometimes. I wouldn't be able to get past what I hear as a disturbingly uncontrolled mid-treble, while Carl likes what he hears. And lots of others too. Fuck the haters, I'm not going to harm Fang just 'cuz I might be able to make a cogent case against them with measurements and shit. I've seen too many people like these headphones...I should just shut the fuck up about them. But people bitch about it.
  8. Yeah, it still puts a bit of extra pressure on your head, but no where nears as bad as the X1.
  9. "Alright! Who dropped me in the bowl of Skittles again!?"
  10. Not that it lends anything to his credibility, but I agree with Doug. You're good to go, Carl.
  11. Yep. To translate: They sound like shit.
  12. Phew, thanks. Now I can get some sleep.
  13. I've already been told my paragraphs are too long.
  14. Know a guy that just got hired as their US Marketing manager or something. Will be getting an early comped subscription to check it out. FWIW, been using Spotify and Beats for a little while now and still desperately miss the ability to surf around through like artists for self-guided music discovery. Spotify is decent, but I keep hearing the same music. Beats music playlists are pretty good, but it's a struggle to scroll through them and they're usually only about an hour and a half long. Fingers crossed that Tidal does these things better. Anybody have experience with WiMP?
  15. Chet Baker Django Reinhardt Paul Desmond Bill Evans Billy Strayhorn
  16. O.M.G. What a rabbit hole. I tried to write an explanation of the physics of flight except I couldn't find an allowable word for weight. Any suggestions? "You can make a car fly by having arms longer on top than under. By moving forward the air over the arms goes far and under the arm goes less and becomes thicker. That means the air under pushes hard up as the car goes fast. If the car goes fast enough, the push is bigger than the weight of the car and it flies."
  17. Yeah, that is interesting. One might hope that some worthy replacement is on the way. That would be nice.
  18. Doesn't make sense. I have no idea how it works out there.
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