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  1. Just in case, dude_500 (https://www.head-fi.org/members/dude_500.99969/) <> dude500.
  2. Argentina and Brazil performances were disappointing. Maybe debut's anxiety? We'll find out soon.
  3. Congratulations to Iceland. Very consistent defense.
  4. https://www.cnet.com/pictures/nasa-sees-violent-volcanoes-from-space-satellite-space-station/3/ https://www.cnet.com/news/nasa-astronaut-hawaii-volcano-kilauea-from-iss-space-station/
  5. Is the SR-L300 sealed or ported?
  6. This was a long time ago, but perhaps it is useful to recollect:
  7. If you were to design a DAC or a phono pre-amp daughter board to be anchored in the line 4 slot, would you need some kind of high voltage dc to low voltage dc converter?
  8. How one can differentiate a source always at 45 azimuth but varying from -90 to +90 degree in elevation? I was imagining an algorithm changing the ILD and ITD with a head tracking camera or device input. So I need to rephrase my question. Do you believe binaural stereo recordings with dynamic convolution and no crosstalk playback has the same performance of 16 channel with dynamic convolution playback? My criterion would be the number of errors a listener has comparing the the elevation he believes a source is and the true/original n elevation positions the source was recorded. Pre
  9. Thank you for posting that explanation. Suppose you have your own HRTF measured with two stereo speakers in a low reverberation room (anechoic) and a DSP that not only convolves - without the addition of crosstalk - a ".wav" file recorded with a binaural head microphone, but also equalise your headphones to flat frequency response at your ear canal. Do you think the elevation cues - filtered by the binaural head microphone transfer function - only change the listener perception of elevation of a recorded point source (in other words, the listener understand that the source is above or unde
  10. Thank you for your advice. The input is a balanced dual fet LSK-389 and as far as I know it accepts a single ended signal as long as the negative one is tied to ground. People are used to insert a neutrik adapter which has (again AFAIK) the rca ground tied to both pin 1 and pin 3 inside the connector. But there is a paper in which Rane advises that option "a", i.e, the negative input fet of the amplifier is tied to the source ground. That's why I am still unsure what to do.
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