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  1. Yes. Designed by Andrew. Not sure who manufactured it.
  2. Both great tips. You can even use a bar of soap to lubricate the screws.
  3. I know that guy! Buttplug and all!
  4. These are getting incredible reviews. Designed by the legendary Andrew Jones, they remind me of a downsized Tannoy, and are priced pretty damned well. Kind of dig their retro vibe too.
  5. ^ Are we still talking coffee here? NTTAWWT. 15 seconds isn't bad for your age.
  6. Will be expecting the VPI vibrator any day now. Make sure you put the correct tab on the end so that it can fit into a Sawzall.
  7. Pee on it a few times. Should match then.
  8. When I was at Al's Brother Tom's house for Thanksgiving yesterday, I came upon this log that was cut from a fallen tree. I realized that I had about 20 minutes before dinner would be served and I happened to have a 1/4" chisel in my pocket that I forgot to put away, so... It just happened to fit on this metal stand that they had.
  9. Prepping my contributions to the enormous Bedecarre clan Thanksgiving dinner. First is Texas Trash (Chex mix). Second is my best dish, and a holiday tradition in my family. My homemade macaroni and cheese. Guaranteed to clog at least one artery. 4.5 lbs. Cheese (Tillamook cheddar and pepper jack) 1 qt. heavy cream, 1 qt. sour cream, 1 lb. bacon (crumbled) and 2 lbs. macaroni. Third is a recipe I've not made before. An internet find. Roasted Brussel Sprouts with browned buttered hazelnuts and pickled shallots.
  10. Have a great time with family and friends!
  11. Texas Trash (or Chex mix for those without Texan parents).
  12. Now you guys are just throwing fake phrases out there to fuck with me. And it's working.
  13. Ooh, rain gutter as bass port, interesting to be sure.
  14. I agree with Dusty. What electronics are in the chain?
  15. Wether you're in the US or Spain ATM, have a fantastic day!
  16. That's porcelain tile, with a wood look. Each tile is 36" × 24".
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