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  1. Well, those dovetails are machine made, so no real expertise needed.
  2. I wonder how the OMA speaker would sound, because it appears that they enclosed the AMT unit. And I thought some of it's magic was due to it's dipole design.
  3. I really want to hear those OMA monitors as well, and for good reason... In the mid 80's I bought a pair of ESS AMT 1D speakers. Those speakers had the Heil Air Motion Transformer tweeter/midrange units. They are the best top end/midrange I've yet heard. The issue was the bass. It was a bit wooly and loose. I've always wanted someone to design a speaker using those AMTs, but with a better low end.
  4. I had to dream somewhat reasonably, because my harem of twinks is going to cost a fortune to maintain.
  5. Love the OMA stuff! Almost went to work for his Brother when I stayed at Al's back in 2013. He has a woodworking shop in Oakland.
  6. Back when I read all the audio mags, Sonus Faber released the Extrema in 1991, and that's the speaker I lusted after for years.
  7. He's gotta be up there.
  8. This is vaguely familiar. I may have started this back in 2020, but didn't get far. It's based on a Steven King story.
  9. Have you seen me lately? I'm my own room treatment!
  10. I try and try to make this forum a more serious place, and all you people do is mock me!
  11. Yes, there are two for now.
  12. REL Carbon Special pair
  13. PS Audio Perfect Wave SACD transport HiFi Rose RS 130 streamer Amplification/Pre-Amp PS Audio BHK Signature pre-amp PS Audio BHK Mono 300 pair PS Audio PowerPoint 15 Speakers/Subwoofers... PS Audio Aspen FR30
  14. Mine changes fairly often, but if I were to win the lottery now, this would be my current dream system. My OCD need for matching is quite apparent. Vinyl setup... Acoustic Signature Typhoon/TA5000 Triangle ART P200 phono preamp Audio Technica AT-ART 20 DAC/Sources... PS Audio Direct Stream Mk2
  15. If that's true? Marc Summers interview was quite benign. I didn't get any bad vibes about him from this documentary. He wasn't made to look bad IMO, and was a very small part of the documentary. He may not have known any of what was going on. Not hard to believe that at all. But he was working there, and did agree to be interviewed. Some absolutely horrific things were done to kids there, and this needs to come out so that laws can be changed to keep this from happening again in the future. We're actually taking about kids being raped here. We're past kid gloves.
  16. You still remember the directions to my house, right?
  17. Just watched the first episode and am already creeped out!
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