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  1. Wow. I assumed you'd already have a White ground covering.
  2. A big batch of pinto beans. Cornbread cooked earlier. I think this is my favorite meal. Certainly my favorite while growing up.
  3. I like that you grain matched the drawers!
  4. This is pretty good. Stanley Tucci is excellent.
  5. My knowledge of beavers is remarkably limited.
  6. Or you can go Doug's route and carefully & humanely milk a Yak. Ferment that milk for 72.5 days. Add 1 part nasal secretions of a virgin Nutria, then thicken with organic almond flour.
  7. I got a free 36vt. 16" chainsaw, and 36vt. blower from the same deals with Makita. Love those! The DeWalt trim router is really nice! My corded version is now in Al's shop.
  8. I'm not aware of anything, but I don't do much landscaping type work.
  9. All of the pulls for the lower cabinetry had to be inset into the doors and drawers. I built a jig for my trim router, which made it an easy task.
  10. The bi-pass doors are factory built. The shorter bi-pass doors above are built by myself, to access all of that storage left due to 10' ceilings. The storage above this linen closet wanted to be more stealth. So I built these doors flat and flush. I did not build this closet system, but I did install it.
  11. The ponywall cap and railing are White Oak and the round pickets are set directly into the floor, negating the need for a bottom plate. It makes for a really modern look IMO. The pickets will be painted the same White as all the trim. The brass bar hanging above the ponywall is actually a pot rack. I finished the railing to perfectly match the White Oak flooring. The two bi-fold doors on the far Left are factory made. The four other bi-fold doors are built by myself to match the other two. Someone screwed up and ordered doors that didn't fit, so to avoid a multi month re-order, I just built them.
  12. Winding down on another remodel. I'll post a few pics for anyone interested. Cabinets all installed. Waiting on appliances mid November. Bottom cabinets are veneered in Fir. As is the island and floating shelves.
  13. FWIW, I hear more of a little screech and a quick intake of breath when I spin the plug. Don't even get me started on the "dirty jack"!
  14. Doing the math, I think she just recently became of legal age.
  15. Looking through Jeff's point of view, I would absolutely have two tablesaws given the space and funds. I'd have one set up with a standard blade and safety cartridge, and one setup with a 1/2" dado blade stack and cartridge.
  16. RIP Jerry. You can keep your Cousin Micky Gilley company now. Two giant talents! And your other Cousin Jimmy Swaggart won't be too far behind.
  17. swt61


    Agreed. And to a significant portion of the population, the IKEA turntable will fit their criteria just fine.
  18. Uhm, just found this Amazon Commercial 10" enameled cast iron skillet for $16.16. Obviously I couldn't turn that down. Arrives Friday.
  19. My 4.3 qt. Amazon Basics enameled cast iron dutch oven arrived today. Along with the 6.3 qt. that I've had a few years now, I feel like I'm pretty well set for cookware. I do plan to buy a Stargazer or Finex cast iron skillet at some point, but I may scour thrift shops for a vintage cast iron skillet first. This thing was on sale for $27. Yep, $27.
  20. swt61


    I wouldn't recommend buying the record player. The platter is 1/8" plastic and flexes all over the place. The entire turntable is less than 6 lbs.
  21. At that point wouldn't you just use the album as the coaster?
  22. I was in the mood to "pitch a wang dang doodle". Really, who isn't?
  23. I agree with Doug about quarter sawn wood. But if you can't do that, be sure to coat all sides with the same finish. Not finishing the bottom or gluing a different species of wood on one side will almost certainly make them cup. Whatever you do to the top, do to the bottom. The Titan is IMO the best HVLP on the market. That Bubinga grain just dances. Absolutely gorgeous!
  24. You owe me 5 minutes of my life back!
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