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  1. X 2 And is that a big slab of burled Maple under it? It's hard to tell if it's a stained up cloth or chunk-o-maple.
  2. That's a really nice piece of Walnut. Can't wait to see it with a finish on it.
  3. The difference is absolutely helical heads vs. standard planar knives. Plus, they send the best straight grained Sapele to the USA, because that's where the best woodworkers are! 😝
  4. We're still working on the design for Milo & Otis stickers.
  5. My personal opinion is that in something like a tool cabinet in the shop, why not go all out and be bold. In terms of large furniture inside the house I'm more conservative.
  6. Thank goodness MAGA Repulicans and White Supremacists tend to be under educated.
  7. Oh bummer. R.I.P. Robbie Robertson. Too many musicians from my generation are gone now!
  8. ^ Speaking of bath bombs, I still need to see Oppenheimer.
  9. What exactly are Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsand's views on Aspartame?
  10. Working on a punch list for a finished project. It was quite hot, even in the city. Happily, it's supposed to cool off tomorrow.
  11. Trying to do the math on the carbs, but I'll need Shelly's help!
  12. That design, with the shelves shorter, would make a very nice shoe rack. Of course I'd need to make it about 10 times bigger.
  13. Always ask! I've been a Verizon customer since 2000. That status got me $800 off of my current phone, but they didn't mention that until I asked.
  14. Brent this cell phone isn't foldable, but it's operating system was developed specifically for MENSA members. And anyone under 5 years of age.
  15. There are a few meats it'd be very difficult for me to give up. Surprisingly it's not steak. I want a good steak a few times a year, but could easily give it up. I eat a burger about the same amount of times, maybe 3-6 times a year. Again, easy to give up. The difficulty for me would be bacon, sausage and seafood. That would take a real effort.
  16. Just have to remember to take a couple of antacid pills before hand, as this will give me reflux faster than a spicy sausage.
  17. Tonight for dinner I built a really good, veggie filled salad. Sometimes that's all I want. I did add croutons and dressing.
  18. When you posted Amazonique, I assumed it would be a South American species. After seeing its from West Africa, I looked closer to see it's Amazique. A nice looking wood no matter the name. Narra I have heard of, but don't believe I've worked with.
  19. I'm heading to Dorothy's (see, we really are friends of Dorothy) for breakfast. Her boyfriend Gavin will be there, (without the rest of the cast of The Loveboat). My turn to cook, so I made a frittata. "Everything but the kitchen sink" frittata. Sausage, ham, baby potatoes, red bell pepper, red onion, mushrooms, some beautiful multi colored grape tomatoes and cheese.
  20. FYI Samsung no longer have headphone jacks. Assuming you're talking about the Samsung folding smartphones. I do love the Android operating system.
  21. Carl wrote and first recorded Blue Suede Shoes, not Elvis.
  22. swt61

    Speaker Porn

    Agreed. The view is nice, but I'd rather view a Giya G1 Spirit and Luxman B1000F monoblocks. Now that's a view!
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