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  1. Without protective coverings... Without protective coverings...
  2. Since it's pegged, it surely will drop at a rapid pace. It's been 21 years since I shoveled snow, and I'd be quite content to go at least another 21. I did have 40 years of shoveling bliss after all. Time to let someone else have some of the fun.
  3. Building back on the new job. The painters have their work cut out for them, making the battered old trim look good. I only have to trim two doors with old trim. You know you're working on an old house when the nails you remove look like this.
  4. And once again I want to thank my force field disguised as a bald spot, for keeping the wood chips out of my eyes.
  5. I originally pictured this stand with Maple legs. Then we discovered the White Oak, which is either leftover from the floating bench I built for Mizen, or the recent railing I built for Mizen. I got a screaming deal on the Mahogany as Al stated, and new it was going to make a beautiful table or stand. I really love this combination, and time will deepen the Mahogany similarly to Cherry. Love the "chunkiness" made elegant by the tapered legs. I had a lot of fun building this with Milo, and love that he gets to enjoy this piece, as he's always building for others. Our next project for Claire is also going to be a fun build. Stay tuned.
  6. Thanks for the recommendation. This is indeed good.
  7. Looks interesting. I'll start tonight.
  8. You've been watching too many arguments from Trump lawyers to Special Master Dearie.
  9. Be thankful Mikey! This is the cheap smoker he bought...
  10. I imagine Milo will add pics post assembly, loaded with gear.
  11. Looks tasty! Myself, I decided to go out to eat this morning. Went to the local Barefoot Cafe for Black Cat Benedict (known as Blackstone Benedict most places). Eggs Benedict with bacon and sliced tomato. It was delicious, but looking across the street at the Hummingbird Cafe got me thinking, what about a Cajun Blackstone Benedict? English muffin, thick Applewood smoked bacon and hollandaise, but with a fried Green tomato? Hummingbird has a Cajun BLT with fried Green tomato that is amazing. I might have to see if Michelle will make it for me. I think it would be incredible.
  12. Who? Just kidding. Happy Birthday Dinny!
  13. Applied Rubio monocoat on Milo's midi-scale equipment rack. That was my first time actually applying this finish, and I found it easy to control do to the viscosity. Loving both the Mahogany and White Oak with finish applied!
  14. I like the looks of that plate of bacon, but I'll have mine without the testicles.
  15. We're the paper plates Dixie or Chinette?
  16. You want auto drain. It's very easy to forget to regularly drain the system, and water builds up fast. If blowing off dust is your primary usage, the bigger the better. I wouldn't go less than 20 gallons.
  17. Have a phenomenal day!
  18. Look on the bright side Al. Only 8 or 9 thousand board feet to go.
  19. Happy to see that you finally bought yourself a Makita tool. Now you're a playa.
  20. On a new job today. Today is all about delicately removing these door trim plinths and base moldings in the hallway. I can't find this trim to patch in the kitchen, so I'm removing it in the hall, to patch the kitchen with. It's 200 years old and brittle as all he'll! I'll put similar but new molding in the hall.
  21. Invest in a few more blades! And don't use stainless steel screws. Even in predrilled holes, they snap off like crazy in Ipe. Also, before gluing wipe both pieces of wood with lacquer thinner. Otherwise the glue will fail within a month.
  22. I had my force field engaged. It actually eminates from an area that is disguised to look exactly like a bald spot on my head. But the informed know better. A matching headphone stand may or may not be built to set upon the top shelf. I haven't built a headphone stand in years.
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