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  1. i met him at that meet, that was my first head-fi meet like in nov 2004 or something. Haven't really seen or heard from him since.
  2. haaa dont you remember that game when he took all his pads off and started throwing them at the field after he got ejected?
  3. that aint what I said. I did mean it at the time. The dood was being a dick kind of, i made my point and said some shit, then that was enough. After I said a few more things I'm the freak show. Fuck off dan, it aint like your making an example of me. If you were the one having your ass spanked for being a jackass, which u do on occasion, u woulda been throwing a fit as well. Thats what u did in the chat room half the time anyway. No ones perfect. Except for u.
  4. i can too take it.... At least I got the nerve to admit when I look like a jackass for going off to far. Yer just a callous dick head dan. It's cool tho, yer drunk half the time.
  5. i was fucking around at first, then something made me pretty pissy today. I had to throw out about 3 weeks worth of work today. Anyway sorry for going off. Im a real sensitive guy, i got feelings. Hugs all around.
  6. fine i got carried away. it was fun though, and gratifying i guess. im an asshole too. we come to full circle. lets be friends.
  7. u know, i like billy he is a cool person on here, and he got his own character. If u think I am like him, thats fine, enjoy your opinion. What he really did though, was basically come on and try to like dish his salty bullshit attitude at me, and at billy like we aren't good enough for him, or this forum. It wasn't an isolated incident either. Lately I post here like once every few weeks, he did it in that rs1 thread I made too. This forum was started because people say whatever the hell they want here and like it. U know how many users I keyed into this place? Not even sure how long u were around here, but if you don't enjoy my personality or kind of posts, what do you think was going on around here for so long? Do you feel I should adjust my language, and accept your fucking PMSing tamponless whore criticism and adjust to your liking? Honestly... Your an asshole, just admit it man. You can't tell? If you find yourself treating a lot of people u encounter everyday like they are an idiot, or just think negative shit about them... You are an asshole. If you need to only do it online, not only are you an asshole, you are a pussy as well. I like the forum, and 99.9% of the people on here. People are welcome to bust on me all they want, yet it's not a matter of playing around... If you think your better then me, or anyone, I'll chop your ass down to size. I'm not going anywhere, I'll say whatever stupid thing I feel like saying and you will just eat shit and deal with it, deal? i do touch myself at night. and it's liberating.
  8. i only like dusty chawks momma in black and white pictures from 200 years ago. Thats hot
  9. sorry, i went to move it and couldnt. looks like u did it already. Anyway peace. I'll work on my next reply all day so it will be a good one.
  10. Well that's comforting. Actually after knowing that, I actually do want to get to know you. After all, getting riled up is the goal... Okay I'll lay off the sarcasm. We can back and forth all day. Duly noted you don't like me, and feel the need to lecture people that you don't like. That's fine. Next time you want to look cool online, which of course you do, try not to do it with a guy like me. I'm not amused, and your not amusing. You are just an ass clown. Enjoy your day. p.s fuck barry bonds.
  11. This is my lunch time. I like to spend it dignifying everything I have an opinion. It's really the only thing I got going for me, since I'm an ass clown. Just kidding that's you. Also, i usually back peddle a lot when I look like an ass clown. Just kidding, still you.
  12. Did you think that one up before, or after you changed your adult diapers? You ass clown. Your internet "dignity" is amusing. Please continue with the lesson, i'm learning a lot about how ass clowns work, especially the part about being an asshole, and assertive towards people that reject me because they are different and I guess stupid because of that?
  13. Wow, this guy really has a lot on his mind, huh? Do you usually feel good after you say stuff like this to people who don't know or care about you? I hope it's working out for you... At least no one will figure out out really don't have anything interesting to say and feel the need to put people down instead. It'll be our secret.
  14. Your the only ass clown here that has a problem with me. Why don't don't you spend your grumpy depressing morning doing something useful.
  15. billy, u are a really strange dood.
  16. man, i put on my snow wheels yesterday, bought htem last weekend. i saw this coming. Instant gratification!!! Without them i would've been skull fucked.
  17. mjg

    Mitchell Report

    so is my asshole, do u hear me enjoy me bragging about how much i like how it removes shit from my body? hAAAAA. fuck bonds, if u want him on the mets ur bugging.
  18. mjg

    Mitchell Report

    If you have a real appreciaton for the sport, having a number broken won't reduce what babe ruth was. The only sad part, is that those numbers just won't be special anymore. That doesn't mean much though if what he did was still great. what does bonds .500 obp mean? How many legitimate at bats did he have? Most of his OBP is cuz the man gets walked cuz pitchers are scared. big deal. So having him as a scare tactic doesn't make him useful... When the man makes a hit he can hardly move. I want to see the running man again, thanks for reminding me! The way I see it athletes are lucky if their career doesn't end in an injury anyway, down the road who cares? Just another mule. If they think they are any better then that, why are they doing it to themselves? Its their own life to throw away for riches, and irresponsible fun. Maybe it's the kids who look up to them, and the uptight people that don't want to know how life really is, but find out and suddenly care that make it so wrong.
  19. mjg

    Mitchell Report

    true, yet this entire report is designed for public consumption and bullshit anyway. What difference does it make that lo duca, for instance did some juice on LA when juice wasn't banned yet? How about lenny dykstra? I mean wtf... If your trying to invalidate someones reputaiton, based on what you descided morally about something now rather then how it was back then, isn't that hypocritical? Trainers were looking to get edge, and where it may of helped, it did... It wasnt a magical elixer (someone used it along those lines i think) that makes u good. It's talent plain and simple that is what makes you what you are. I hate arod, but look at him. Any signs of juice? the man can hit. Bonds was significant before he did steroids. Yet I still hate the man and his huge stupid looking head, lady voice, and scumbagness all together. Does it make me hate him more that he did steroids? I dunno, he is what he is. If anything, steroids ruined his game in the long run. The guy is pretty useless. My real point is, the mitchell report seeks to show the world there's steroids use in baseball, and this is some horrible corruption? It's only what you make of it, if your going to cry over the statistics that are destroyed, well, dont u think they woulda used back then if they knew any better? The institution of sports uses technology to improve the game, make it more competitive... athletes do whatever they can get away with. such is life. Athletes are entertainers, sports is a buisness. This isn't something to sigh about really, it's just part of the evolution of it all. hope u guys enjoyed my rant. please do argue with me .
  20. mjg

    Mitchell Report

    i am on this list. see.
  21. Wow, certainly isn't cheap... It's cool they have their gym in the house. Cardio for 5 or 6 times a week from the get go sounds a bit rough. Just my 2 cents: As important as cardio is, most of your results will come from the right diet. Best of luck!
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