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  1. wow, you should try to sell real estate on the moon. install gain switches on moon rocks for mad cake.
  2. i had the hornet for like 6months... I got it at the presale price, which was still pretty pricey. It sounds nice for what it is... When you start comparing stuff, and your using other people's opinons on where it goes in the scheme of things, it's becoming a dick measuring contest where the metric for comparison isn't even something everyone agrees in. It's like why asking the question "why does ray samuels suck?" begging that his gear does suck, and that you read a tidbit that says yea u should feel that way for justification. Your basically asking for a post that's going to shit all over rays gear if you ask here... Not trying to be rude, since i know it's hard to really know what your sound is or anything at first. That's the only point I was trying to express.. The minimum i think most can agree on is that people like his gear cuz it looks cool, and most people will admit it sounds decent. If u go on head-fi, some guy started a whole 10 page thread on how cute his new raptor is and how he wants everyones opinion on how it matches his gear because to him that seems to be all that matters. He also buys really ugly headphones too for the same reason... If it all it takes to please u is a gray case with blue light, enjoy ; ).
  3. heh wow, you need someone to tell you if your amp is good? Can't you form your own opinion? Long story short, it's overpriced and cute looking... if it were a fire hazard, i'm sure you would've read about it by now. people here are very opinionated, and asking for an unbiased opinion here is just as bad as headfi, in a negative way. No one is going to say they like that map here really, except for like billy.
  4. custom titles are like asses, everyone should have one (chicks particularly).
  5. i just want the patriots to lose. fuck them and their bullshit, dirty play style. if they go undefeated (which it seems they will) i will have no problem not watching the super bowl. lets go colts and cowboys haha. Jets fan saying let's go colts, that's a good one. atleast the giants are a higher level of garbage then the jets.
  6. hi, i hope you enjoy some of those excellent toys you have, happy birthday. Your a good addition to head case ; ).
  7. yez i mesh do you like sea creatures?
  8. who cares. If he wants to fry himself, that his problem.
  9. man i can't this shit anymore. so not cool.
  10. you can chose either, depends what category you grab from. BTW storage is cheap, and HD content is awesome. That's all i'm going to say ; ).
  11. hopefully this week i'll have my extreme back. If your curious i'll let u know how it sounds with the northstar.
  12. ....... does not suck. it's just a bunch of ........
  13. only the sith speak in absolutes. o wow, am i a nerd now?
  14. I purchased a sound card from a seller early last week and still haven't had any email answers, or recieved a shipping confirmation regarding the deal. I was wondering how long people usually wait to file a claim? Obviously the thing would still be in the mail, but I just fnd it odd the guy won't respond to an email confirming the deal. I saw he had 100% positive feedback, but was only a member since january, and had 41 feedbacks.Also saw he was selling generally cheaper stuff then what I bought. Any thoughts?
  15. im gonna go back in time and be your daddy,AWWWWWL RIIIIIGHT giggity giiggity.
  16. I disagree, it's a very good game, but i think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.
  17. mortal kombat on sega genesis is the best video game ever.
  18. dusty chawks mom, in the 1930's when she looked like audrey hepburn.
  19. i like my dogs. My boston terrier is freaking awesome, i think she kinda resembles hillary clinton, but that's a good thing right? She does funny stuff, and I'm always glad to see her when i get home. My older black lab is in bad shape, makes me kinda sad she went blind, and had alot of trouble walking.
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