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    alessandro ms-pro

    was just curious on what or fi im missin anythign out... ive had ms2i's i digged a lot in the past... have ms1's too which sound pretty awesome out of my main rig too. Last I had a pair of hp1000s I had / heard was when I had an ray samuels hr2. I just didn't think it sounded terrific at the time... Maybe i'll try them again if i can find a cheaper pair. The ones I had were hp1s if it mattered at all.
  2. Since I already have a pair of rs-1s, anyone think it would be worth owning a set of these too? Anyone want to compare them and stuff? How are they different?
  3. gotta do the flats with rs1's. Recabled and out of the extreme they seem to have a decent sound stage. I like them a lot.
  4. How is the rent in imagination land? I'm going to be looking for a place soon, it sounds nice.
  5. It's incredible how this annoying yelling cursing british guy has a job here (an important one too I think, head of tech support!). People act like he is normal, or funny or something. 40% of the day he paces around screaming and cursing at relatively calm people, like he is actually getting emotional over tech support. Yesterday another developer and I were trying to look at something and discuss it, he came over to my cube, and started another yelling attention dominating spasm for 20 minutes. I guess it was super important.
  6. wow, stupid slang talking kids are now stupid enough that they can't tell the difference between what santa says, and they shouldn't of heard in the first place? If they are learning what hoe meant before ho ho ho, I think they got bigger problems.
  7. that kid was so damn annoying, he wanted to buy something from me one time. he began imming me, to the point i had to block the guy cuz id see screens full of shit every time i came back.
  8. jahn, why werent u at the meet? did u finally move on from headfi or something?
  9. i liked those body styles way more then the mid 90's one... now that they have a classic look to them I can see why it's really appealing. Usually i'm not a huge fan of bmw's, but in the price range the 328 seems like the best car to get. If i can throw down what I get for my max as a downpayment on a lease, and have a 400ish car payment i'm probably thinking it's a good call. My buddy had the 335i, he liked it a lot.. Until he totaled it this summer. It's just too pricey I think. U think a new bmw for 3 years will be low on the maintenance side? Can do my own basic stuff for the car I guess, like oil changes or whatever...
  10. dam that's oldschool, is it expensive to maintain? Gopher has a used 5 series he picked he likes it alot... I want to probably lease a new car though, or finance something new... Mainly I want to only have it for 2 or 3 years.
  11. I'm gonna get a new car soon enough... i'm tired of my maxima. how did u like that lexus, i did have my eye on the is350... or maybe a 3 series. Something rwd and stick would be cool.
  12. yea... why u doing that now? I suggest u figure out an easier way to lose weight??? If u getting strep throat a lot and are going to die or something, yea I hear you... Otherwise, how about dieting, and not doing this?
  13. being a moderator means, deleting half of my posts, and like being all like yo, this guy is so not cool.... I wish he'd not be here because he reminds me of how stuffy I am. just kidding. Not you of course mike ; ).
  14. Sounding good with the 225 might mean pretty good things on how they sound with my hf1's too... I'd like to hear one again, but I don't want to take another chance spending tht much on an amp without hearing it first. Seems there's a headphone only version coming around soon. edit in: Also with my rs1's... Those are my main cans too. I'm still debating a change, but despite all the grief I had with my you know what amp, it is one of the best grado rigs I ever really spent time with (compared to my last few amps anyway). I don't see myself ever moving away from grados, since I pretty much settled into the sound... So I guess the only amps i'm interested are ones that would make grados sound good.
  15. they really didn't sound bad or anything to me, for the momment i heard them... What was particularly striking was how heavy and uncomfortable they were... As dumb as it sounds, that's a big deal to me almost as much as sound...
  16. mjg

    Sennheiser HE90

    i know he probably didn't cry over the music... i was just being funny I guess (but the idea is a bit disturbing). Maybe if something special happened, like the yankees disbanded, and infinite 0 calorie snickers.
  17. zach likes making things sticky
  18. mjg

    Sennheiser HE90

    i never cried because of music. yet, if an he90 made me cry, i'd wanna go on prozac (no offense).
  19. yea that guy was pretty annoying.
  20. fuck you billy. i don't like you. -- happy birthday.
  21. Mention to nick that it's a great movie... and also read this little book called, "Talking in 3rd person about oneself is prentious". Ironically, it's written by a guy with my name. Just now. I'm absolutely, not being sarcastic.
  22. has nickhutson seen borat? you should ask him.
  23. yea, the office is getting pretty old. how funny would it be if sara silverman got a job there and became his boss. they are almost exactly the same.
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