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  1. not exactly sure, but I think in the sub 2000 ballpark with the amp.
  2. for lunch i'm going to have a waah burger with french cries. Sorry it's not my job to drive around all day and go out to fancy dinners... life must suck for u ; ). I am really greatfull for this job so far, and like it better then any place so far... And yea every job I've had, even the tiny place I was at in the begining of the year can get real loud (all from one loud guy, and apparantly a client that had tourettes syndrome or something). There's this one british guy that runs tech support that works here and is really loud... His kind of loud is actually sort of funny some times. The guy goes nuts, screaming and cursing, over technical shit that I kinda doubt he even understands. You can hear him going back and forth with people, who I doubt are nearly as intense as he is, yelling WHAT THE FUCK? like as loud as possible... I hear him 30 feet away. This place so far has been the most similar job to office space that i've seen yet. The guy I work next to is a Yankees fan version of milton. I mention arod to him and he goes into arod spasms for 10 minutes it's pretty funny.
  3. I can be pretty rowdy myself, but I just don't want to do it at work, especially when I got lots of stuff to do, and good impressions to make. I don't mean to sound like I'm better then anyone else, but apparantly these sales guys really don't need to do much during a lot of the time they are here... They end up just bullshitting all day, and as pleasant as it is to kick back and chat now and then, it's like dominating my attention because one or 2 guys just don't give it a rest. I mean, it was obviously like this here before I got here, so I'm really not in the position to start shutting people up, or want to start being that guy like grawk describes that is angry in the corner. I try to distract myself with music, it works a lot of the time, but soemtimes I just need to sit and think you know? I took track somewhat of how often this one guy walks over here yesterday, he had to have been standing there and chatting for at least 2 hours of time throughout the day. During lunch they go in the coffee room and spend 1-1.5 hours doing the same thing. That's right next to my desk too... The guy can be heard across the office, and is like smacking the tables and shouting like he is out in a bar drunk. It's pretty amazing people here don't take exception to that... They may get a lot of work done, but it's a pretty bad environment for people that actually work 10 hours a day and don't appreciate it.
  4. here's head-cases chance to take over headphone world and be super awesome like head-fi did. are u gonna do it guys? as soon as next week u can have 300 sponsors, and start moderating me and stuff... i know it's a great potential.... what do u think?
  5. kinda shocked no one is really talking about those chinese orpheus clones. They looked really decent, and sounded really good. Should be affordable for most people (with an amp too). Fred seemed to really like them, I listened briefly.
  6. Was pretty interested in what you guys thought the woo audio 4 or 5 would sound with grados??
  7. those woo audio amps are pretty nice, i wish i tried them with grados... How would 300b tubes sound with grados anyway?
  8. hah... u know the nazi's wore a bit of flare too right? haahah well this was a weird morning too. the damn fire department was here b4 work started, it was pretty stupid. The damn firelarm was strobing in my face for 40 minutes, kinda bugs u out when yer half awake. Also the damn internet is always down lately as soon as I get in. What's up with these dog smiley things??
  9. I know your right, it's not like i like being all ADD and spastic about noise. I dunno, maybe its just a case of the "mondays". who wants to go to chotchkies?
  10. heh, cuz i like money? food too. Hell bro, if I could get all my work done, and be a loud retard at work all day, and still not manage to get fired or something... wouldn't life be great? I've been here 2 months and I'm trying not to be a guy that talks all the time 10 feet away from the CTO's office, and also trying to look like i'm competent enough to get work done timely. I have been for the most part, but I've noticed nearly all of my quality work happens when people aren't near me whining about mannings 6 picks, or whatever bullshit we all alreday ready about by 11:30 am at this point. I wish I could just telecommute man, that would be super awesome.
  11. I come in to work everyday at 7:30 ish... People show up at 8:30. Everyone around me is really into this fantasy football bullshit and as soon as they start showing up, like directly on top of me, they all sit there talking for like between 30-60 mins about this shit, really loud. It aint a huge deal now and then, but it seems through out the day a few of these guys in sales or whathever just keep coming back here to talk to this guy next to me for between 15-30 mins about this garbage. Anythign from a blog posting about baseball trades, to anything... I'm pretty into sports also, but I do my best not to sit on top of people talking for an hour while I see they are kinda busy. Am I spaz to be really distracted by this shit? I love bullshitting during lunch, but this shit is practically shutting me down to the point where I can't think. Just for reference I got pretty bad ADD and I also try to wear headphones and shit to block it out. I need to concentrate pretty hard sometimes when I'm working on harder projects, so I really don't know a great solution to this. It just reduces the quality of my work to the point i waste like a few hours a day sometimes trying to ignore people here. I've had a problem with loud people almost anywhere I've been though, so I stopped confronting people or complaining about it. I guess I just need to work with it. Suggestions?
  12. screw that... it goes both ways. how about hiring younger umps, having their eyes checked, and making sure all is fair in how homeruns are guaged in one park vs another. Having the umps staring at tapes and vetoing each other isn't going to solve anything. Let them do it right the first time.
  13. hey... cool meet, despite leaving empty amp handed once again... whatever. I never get great impressions of gear a t meets. but i was able to tell that the l3000's aren't like as good as alot of you act, i wasn't blown away. the edition 9's were the most uncomfortable ehadphines i ever tried. I did like some of the new amps, there really weren't very many great sources there. My favorite trig there was that k1000 with the woo audio 300b tube amp... was really nice.
  14. mjg


    recabled rs1 >modded hf1's.... I like to alternate between the 2, but the silver dragon cabled rs1 is def my favorite. Much more detailed, better midrange, more articulate bass. Does vocals better then anything i've heard. HF1's are more forgiving to a weaker system, rs1's show basically every flaw. They are really fun cans, but not in the same class. If your willing to spend enough money to get an HF1, then even have it modded, u may as well see what the recable work does to your rs1. It's available to you at least. Prices people pay for hf1's are retarded. Usually like 350 bux I think or more... New pairs were just 200.
  15. if i was gonna spend that much on a car, rather if i could, i'd rather get one that would assure 100% of the time, all of the time guarunteed sex.
  16. btw that actually is santa claus, but i'm jewish and we don't know these things.
  17. ok i fixed the poll... i figured regular bugs bunny wasn't good enough, so i upgraded him.
  18. easter bunny is winning by 2 votes... wow, this seems like a blow out... i was pulling for him so yea i'm glad.
  19. Just had to know... figured i'd post to you guys, because you guys are like my magic oracle of truth.
  20. david bowie greatest hits album... on cassette.
  21. i think billy has athletes foot. that's why.
  22. You joined head-case just to bitch and whine because you are too afraid to do it over there... As annoying as Billy is, he isn't stupid.. fools that take head-fi seriously are. We apparantly like him enough to have him in the casino, so shut up.
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