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    Nikon setup: D3/D2x + 24/1.4, 14-24/2.8, 50/1.4, 105/2.8VR, 300 2.8VR + SB-900 + Canon Pro9000 mII/colormunki photo/i1 + hp pro fine art med paper, and some Sony R1, and other canon p+s
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    photos, karaoke, cookies
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    Stax O2, LCD-2
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    Singlepower SDS, HeadAmp BHSE
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    SFD-2 mk. iii / D2D + Hertsens Signature DAC + EAD DSP 9000 mk iii
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    Buffalo 32s

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  1. (not photo of my GMT) it's a stuck date. luckily it hasn't happened to me yet and my AD hasn't seen it from their clients, but it's still a risk with this watch.
  2. Thanks all!! I'm just thinking one more semester of school and my free time will be back.. and getting rid of WoW would help too
  3. wow, good job Atlanta. I thought Glavine would've raised enough money to keep the team there, but I guess they're back to 3 sports
  4. I'm bringing my 17" MBP, iPad, and iPhone with me to LA today, but I left the Mac Pro home
  5. another one bites the dust... will Phil be back next year?
  6. I'm not sure what static noise they're talking about. I haven't heard it through the SDS/LCD-2 or the KGSS/O2. I've got my Mac Pro running Fidelia > Evo/AES > D2D/I2se > SFD-2. I bought a ST cable but it's probably wrong (it's a simplex, single mode) because the D2D doesn't get any sort of signal lock from the Evo. Only major qualm I have is that compared to the Mac Pro toslink out, the Evo has about a half second delay with audio and video sync on movies. I've also run it from toslink from the Evo to the DAC, still no static, but the delay is there. I've had the same results running the Evo directly to the Hertsens DAC as well.
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