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  1. 1200mhz is overclocked. stock is 800. You really cant get it faster than what you have it at right now. The bottleneck seems to be the gpu. Not really a huge problem for me but as you probably realized, its much less fun to use.
  2. Really good shots forbigger. The canyon shot is superb. Does it normally look that red?
  3. If thats a problem, I suggest streaming your music online. subsonic (which is what I use), audiogalaxy are some services that allow you to do this for free.
  4. 13 inch - between 3 and 7 depending on what im doing. Average seems to be around 4-5
  5. ahh, the "secret rat nest" method of cable management. let us know if you can break the 5ghz barrier
  6. with prime95 and real use (running my code) maxes out at 70 with an aftermarket cooler (hyper 212+). I can probably go past 4.8 but too lazy/more errors.
  7. nice. I have the 2500k (oc-ed to 4. as well (with 16gb ram) for running some programs for school and dayum its fast. sidenote: surprisingly enough, the integrated graphics on the 2500k is pretty darn good, for casual gaming at least
  8. my mom had a problem with her g5 a few years back. I asked a genius about it. He asked, "whats a g5?"
  9. New York City Faces Evacuation Orders as Transit Shutdown Looms http://www.businessw...down-looms.html uh oh
  10. any recommendations on (not so expensive) bags for this thing? My current noname laptop bag just committed suicide.
  11. nice! where are you getting them (the slide film) developed?
  12. Yup, my thinkpad display died so it was a good excuse to get the new macbook air.
  13. Bought a 13 inch macbook air today. Man is this thing fast.
  14. I think I've bought at least 5 cables from them already. Just so very annoying.
  15. yup, my favorite show thats on right now
  16. It seems that the stock battery has much less capacity (890 mah) than the third party ones (3000 mah) as you said. But it doesnt seem like the third party batteries are that expensive (~$40). Also thanks for the heads up on the hf g10.
  17. Hey guys! I dont know anything about video recording so hopefully I can get some help from you guys. My parents have been looking for a good video camera that can record for more than 2 hours of high quality HD video on a single charge. They've been using the 5d mkii as a video camera but its limited by the 10-12 min limit per recording (for HD video). The video camera doesnt need to have any pro features like xlr inputs or anything but a 3.5mm mic input would be pretty nice. Budget is up to $1.5k (for something thats high quality and built well) Thanks!
  18. awesome! Can you give a quick rundown on how you go the pictures? exposure/shutterspeed/any pp?
  19. Olympus XA for $20 on ebay little rangefinder that will hopefully get me to take more pix when im wandering around
  20. Bought an Olympus XA as a small, cheap camera to carry around everywhere. Focusing is a bit difficult indoors.
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