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  1. I would say x100 if you can spare the cash. Used it a bit at b&h and couldnt find much to fault. The old school aperture ring and shutter speed dial might feel a off for a dlsr user but I'm sure you can get used to it pretty quickly
  2. I think i got the exact same one for free for my office last week. 1800x1440 for free is a good deal
  3. woah. i didnt even notice that. I guess I like lines in the center of my photos hmm. thinking back on it. I think I have a lot of pictures that have lines in the center of the photo.
  4. the new rosebuds album is coming out in a week or so and its fucking fantastic. listen free: http://www.spin.com/articles/album-premiere-rosebuds-chronicle-breakup note: vimeo doesnt work with /media tags?
  5. fucking new fiona apple album. where the fuck is this shit already? kjhjkdjljflasfjaskflas
  6. Thanks everybody. Spend the day working on a draft of a paper for a prestigious journal :)/:(
  7. Woah. Aren't you a Bio professor?
  8. Heh you guys are harsh. For 200 dollars and for their size, they're not bad. But in an overall sound quality, they kinda suck
  9. Have a great birthday man!
  10. jinp6301


    I really like radiolab. I usually hate the "two guys talking back and forth" format but I think it works well for them. I also like that they try to be "anti-ira glass"
  11. jinp6301


    thought the zoe fans would like this
  12. deepak, check out the nook color if you want to spend less. Its not very speedy but it can do email/internet/some apps very easily. It should cost you ~$200 on ebay or $225 refurb.
  13. Awesome CJ. Youre parents might be the only asian parents who dont want their son to be a doctor
  14. i thought the sandy bridge integrated graphics were pretty decent?
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