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  1. I'm thinking of picking up a pair of SR-009 - what's the best place to be looking right now? And with the current situation in Japan am I better off getting sooner rather than later? Oh, hi guys
  2. Did you get your massive parts orders in?
  3. Intrigued here. I still haven't tried the hd800, and I'm getting curious to try them.
  4. I picked up a used pair for just over $900 over there last night. I'm looking forward to taking a serious listen. I don't have a good rig right now, though, as I've just been using the JH-13s straight out of a bunch of sub-par sources.
  5. Basically to get the added flexibility of the 16's, and I wouldn't mind a different look, also.
  6. Haha, over 40,000 posts here since the last time I was logged in. Holy geez, guys. I may have missed this somewhere. Does anyone know if the prices for jh13/16+jh-3a on jhaudio's website are introductory prices or if they will be the normal prices? I'm considering selling my hm-801 and jh13's to get the 16+3a combo.
  7. Cool, thanks guys. I know I'm getting a pretty good seal as the bass is pretty good and present, I'm just wanting to make absolutely sure I don't need to send them back for refitting. Nice Brent, lol.
  8. Can anyone recommend any tracks for testing the seal I'm getting with the JH13s? I feel like the fit could be tighter, but I want to make sure I'm not just paranoid
  9. I received the JH13s today. I'm going to really monitor the fit for the next couple days, but I think it's pretty close. They turned out well, and they sound flippin' sweet. They are some of the bassiest phones I've owned, but it's superbly controlled. My only complaint currently is I wish the mids were more prominent or forward, but I'll have to listen more critically to really determine if I really feel that way. I'll have to take some photos soon.
  10. They posted mine on the jhaudio facebook page. Mine are the "Whiteboy Solid and Black Solid with Carbon Fiber faceplates and custom titanium art" ones. Guess my right ear is bigger than my left
  11. I ended up calling anyway, and they informed me that my JH13s were being made today, so I hope to have them next week. With some luck the fit will be good and I can just enjoy
  12. Cool, thanks for the insight. I'll just chill for now and give them a call on Monday if the status hasn't changed.
  13. My order has said "Earmolds Received" for about a week. I wanted to see if others had similar waits before I consider calling JH. I'm sure it's no biggie, it's just the sweet, sweet anticipation part
  14. Are the cable to earpiece connectors available anywhere?
  15. Ordered my pair today and got impressions done, too. I hope to send them off tomorrow.
  16. I caved and scheduled an appointment with my audiologist to get impressions made. Now I need to decide if I want any artwork. I do know that I'll probably go with solid white for the left ear and solid black for the right ear which is what I've always wanted to do whenever I think about customs (I'm a sick Lost-obsessed fan).
  17. I'm interested to hear how the 13's are with the jfet-tastic amp (lol, nice). Keep us posted on the much goodness
  18. A little OT, but I have a quick question that those here can probably answer for a speaker n00b. Does the F5 have enough juice to power the Harbeths?
  19. Birgir, have you heard the SRM-600? I've been curious about it since I noticed it was released.
  20. ^ I'm interested in the ESX board. and portable dac sounds very cool
  21. I'm going to miss this show.
  22. Thanks a bunch for the help padam. I went ahead and submitted a shop order with Kuboten. -edit- Anyone have a junker pair of stats they wouldn't mind letting go? I need a pair for testing on new amps.
  23. I think I might just spring for the O2 now that it's tax refund time and be done with it. I'm going to post a WTB over at HF, but I appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction (I've taken a look at what's currently on yahoo japan).
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