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  1. Have a great birthday John!
  2. I want to own the SRM-D50 all the sudden.
  3. I would go with the Sennheiser HD-800S in balanced. It's a great match with any SuSy Dynalo design.
  4. It's a beautiful unit indeed. Footprint wise, its more of a half rack size making it very desktop friendly. Sony did a beautiful job with chassis including paint job. It is one heavy beast and is a dream to use. Sadly, u can only listen to one output at a time and u can't use DAC out while listening to headphones. All inputs and outputs are relay based switching. I think you can find a slightly used unit under $1600. And yes, the unit works well with DSD playback.
  5. As long as you don't pay full price for the TA-ZH1ES, I think it is a great deal. Build quality is top notch and is second to none and it comes with a remote control. You can use it as a DAC as well as a pre-amp (though don't expect top flight performance here). Sound wise in balanced, it is lush, warm, and bassy with excellent soundstage both width and depth. The downside is it can be a tad soft around the edge and not able to produce the same attack and dynamics punch compared to better dynamic amp such as the GS-X MKII. If you already have a great great DAC, you may want to wait and get Justin's new GS-1 MKII or contact Doug and buy the ECP T4. Still, I love the TA-ZH1ES with the HD800 and I reckon that you will like it a lot with the Clear as well. The tuning may prove too warm for the HD650 though. I personally like it better than the Senn HDVD-800 and the Questyle DAC/amp units that I have tried. Don't forget that this is an ES unit, so 5-year warranty comes standard. I heard Doug T4 prototype and it was on par with the GS-X MKII for $1000 less.
  6. What's your main headphones and I do have the TA-ZH1ES.
  7. Do you like it better than the Q5 sound wise?
  8. Glad you are having a good time with it. Are you driving the Senn in balanced? If not, I suggest you give it a try.
  9. Have a great birthday!!
  10. Enjoy the 1A. It is a great do it all device. Do try a full-sized headphones with them. I have the 1Z and it does a good job with the HD800.
  11. You can format on your computer as exfat then simply insert the card into the WM1A and then remove it. All you have left to do is drag and drop your content to the "music" folder. I recommend using a card reader to transfer your music due to much higher transfer speed compared to via the player. Transfer rate via Walkman will max around 30 mb/s.
  12. I heard the prototype T5 and it was more or less the same as my L3. Of course, that was a prototype unit.
  13. I hope that your T5 will sound worst than the L3 that I have.....
  14. sad for those who have perished on that bridge in Italy. I'm sure Nate will say the same thing but back in 1960's seismic or lateral loads were really an afterthought in most structural design elements. Those concrete columns/frames look rather small compared to what we have now given the same loading conditions.
  15. Pars is building my amp as well as two others. So we have been waiting for the enclosure to complete the build. I believe Pars placed an order for three or four with you.
  16. With your amps, "sounding amazing" is just the norm.
  17. The prototype T4 sounded amazing during the ATL minimeet. Has it got even better?
  18. Have a wonderful birthday!
  19. I properly driven SR007 will deliver top tier sound quality. I recommend Mjolnir KGSSHV Mini!
  20. Have a happy birthday!
  21. I think there are more ES1 than that. I used to own one ...glad I got a refund from Mikhail when I had the chance. Mikhail told me that toward the end most of his customers are from mainland China and his ES1 & SDS-XLR were selling well. I thought Kerry also made another T2 just like his and sold it for around 18k.
  22. purk

    HC NBA Ballers

    MMA is the 4th option. Sadly one of his hand is already too fragile.
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