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  1. One of these days, I have to make the bigger meets.
  2. Very nice and thanks. The old Dynalo was released back in 2003 or something if I'm not mistaken.
  3. Should the label be "Dynalo MKII"? This isn't the same as the old 2000 circa Dynalo design right?
  4. I need to get several matched quads from you before the price goes up.
  5. So glad that my ECP L3 utilizes relatively cheap tube (match quad for less than $100) and manage to sound quite amazing!
  6. Have a great Birthday Adam!
  7. Can you bring in portable gears? I highly recommended getting the Sony NW-WM1A for work. It is very near mid-level desktop quality in a very manageable package.
  8. I know a few more. They are afraid to reveal themselves though. @TMoney...got two ECP amps too.
  9. Join the club and buy ECP amps.
  10. It is a good option to have just the upgrade cost is on a high side plus not user serviceable. Will get it done later this year.
  11. I think I will wait it out for half a year just to see if more upgrades will be rolling out. I do understand the importance of analog boards though...so I will have to get it done eventually.
  12. Darn. I thought I was set for awhile after the USB 5 Gen upgrade. Not interested in $550 right now...give that the shipping alone is nearly $100 from GA to CA. How about a DSD upgrade if that is even possible? I just have a lot of DSD materials.
  13. Looking great! Got a loop out? Would love to see a side by side picture of the KGSS mini next to KGSSHV mini.
  14. My experience was with the DAC-1 USB and their headamp was not impressive. Really a mid-end at the most.
  15. I would get Doug to build you an amp for what u need. He can cater to what u need and his amps all sound amazing.
  16. Thanks for checking in and hope your hearing will heal sooner or later. Do u have any budget in mind?
  17. The Lite mk2 should sound like the GSX MK2 in single end but with less refinement due to the lesser power supply. With a dedicated DPS, the Gilmore Lite MK2 should sound identical to the GS-X MK2 in single end operation.
  18. I did remember that the SQ wave also had a horrible USB DAC section. It was a pretty harsh sounding DAC. The giant wall wart was a good selling point for $1500 amp.
  19. Way too many great sounding amps from you Doug. I am not complaining at all.
  20. Not directly I don't think TomB is selling the Torpedo on his site.
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