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  1. Well the CD1700 actually does not have any weakness after the recabled work that I did. As wonderful as the Cd3000 with similar mod, the treble still can be annoying from time to time. I don’t encounter any issue with the CD1700. The presentation is actually effortless, relaxed, and analog sounding. If you guys come across one and willing to do a bit of DIY, you will be very pleased with the results. They can easily compete with any headphones under a grand and then some.
  2. Circa 1996. Sony MDR-CD1700. I modified it recently for a balanced amplification. Stock is single-end only with wiring going into the left earcup. The CD1700 is seriously awesome after the mod. It is super efficient and sound better than ever. Modded with Moon-Audio Black Dragon and Furutech 4.4 mm plug.
  3. Was only joking. Again, not a fan of Hifiman as a company so I will not support their products. I admit loving the Susvara though.
  4. Not the RAAL but I did try the Empy thanks to Justin. The sound is bassy and beautiful. I found them warmer than neutral but very refined; however, they still sound like most plannars to my ears and not transparent and airy enough. Hate to say it but I thought the Susvara was super wonderful sounding. It was transparent and very musical out of Justin’s GSX mini. Since I don’t like how Hifiman conducts their business, the Susvara is off the table for me. The SDR mod HD800 has really grown on me the last few years. They are very robust, durable, and sound really good out of my modified Sony NW-WM1A walkman. They are within the striking distance to the Susvara and the 009 when driven by Doug’s L3. This is same pair of the HD800 that bought from Justin for $900 back in 2010. I reterminated all of my headphones including the R10 with 4.4 mm balanced plug so I can use them with my Sony Walkman.
  5. These days I spend more time listening to earphones more than my full size headphones. With less time for listening at home, I spend more time listening at work. I can use a full size cans at work but I prefer a more discrete device 1. Sony IER-Z1R. Seriously good sound for an IEM with really good isolation. Wearing comfort is a top notch to me. So a preferred choice while listen at work. 2. Sony MDR-EX1000. This is a really lovely sounding earphones. Isolation is rather poor so I use it a little less than the IER-Z1R but the sound quality is top notch. In many ways I do prefer them over the IER sound wise. I like both the EX1000 and the Z1R more than my JH13Pro....so the the old 13Pro FP isn’t used much anymore. 3. Senn HD800 reterminated with a Furutech 4.4 mm. Most top end DAPs are now very capable of driving the HD800 very well now.....so I listen to them more than ever around the house. Whenever possible, I fire up my ECP Ravenswood/DSHA-4 or L3 to really hear what they can really do. 4. Stax SR-009 is now forth on the list. I use it mostly with the Headamp Aristaeus for simplicity. I also listen to Wachara’s HE90 Clone as well.
  6. Have a wonderful birthday!
  7. Have a wonderful birthday man!
  8. Have a wonderful birthday, Chris! Stay healthy!
  9. purk


    Love the HD580 but can't stand the Ety ER4s due to comfort issues. I also find the HD-58X from Massdrop a really good buy at $150 or so.
  10. I would like partially assembled boards as well please. Thank you very much for doing this.
  11. I love the Sony IER-Z1R. Tremendously musical and technical competence at the same time and it has full size headphones sense of width and depth.
  12. Awesome Justin! Looking forward to see you man.
  13. Looks like they have copied a few ideas from Audio-Technica AtH-HA5050H DAC/amp. Impedance selection as well as VU meters. https://www.audio-technica.com/cms/accessories/bd963a3646968df5/index.html
  14. Better than the Gilmore Lite MK2? Love the look of the upgrade cable!
  15. Was holding up quite well until I tried out the Sony IER-Z1R.
  16. Have a great birthday JP!
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