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  1. No issue Doug. I will just take the T4 home without Tom knowing it.
  2. Very nice case. I love the fact that it keeps the footprint of the mini very small.
  3. purk


    Whoa...that's a great deal especially good for driving the HD800. Deal has expired already though.
  4. A loaner gears from Matrix & Violetric arrived yesterday. Justin's goodies including the GS-X MKII & Gilmore lIte MKII alonge with Audeze LCD-X will be delivered today. I'm excited for the meet. Meet won't be the same without Brent, Justin, and Collins though. Doug showing up this weekend with be awesome!
  5. Hi John, Got the shipping confirmation from Arthur Power. We will have the Matrix Mini I Pro 2S and Violetric HPA-100 to play with. Justin of Headamp will be sending the the Gilmore Lite MKII along with the GS-X MKII hopefully early next week. I hope we can spread the word out. This is shaping up to be a really good local meet.
  6. I auditioned the blue DSHA-2 before and that's a great sounding amp. If not for owning the Ravenswood and L3, I would buy that in a hurry.
  7. Better craftsmanship than the HE-1000 V2? I really couldn't stand Hifiman build quality. I have to admit that the HEK V2 also sounded very good out of the SuSy Dynahi.
  8. They probably will just paint the frame black with gold protective screen and upgrade the ear pads and charge us $2000 more
  9. Well not sure if this is a good news or not. Time to save up again.
  10. But those Chinese collectors could also have a lot more funds. Yes, Wiktor have been flipping for a very long time.
  11. Have a great birthday dude!! You deserve plenty of happiness today!
  12. Sad to see. Oppo was somewhat responsible for killing off Sony ES & Pioneer Elite video players...only to witness its own slow dead. I owned the 105 & HA-1 and though that they were quite good for the price. The HA-1 was a beast but the sound was a little bit dry for my taste.
  13. Why not call them up and check with them? They still kept mine when I talked to them three years ago. You can also send your JH13pro for an upgrade to the Freqphase model.
  14. Hey Justin, Can you bring the prototype to the mini-meet in Atlanta?
  15. Have a great birthday!
  16. What's the price point on the T5 Doug? The prototype unit that I heard last year was quite a stellar amp.
  17. That's quite the move, but glad you found a new place. Hope the kids love the new city. I will call you in a day or two as I have an early meeting tomorrow.
  18. Hey Brent, The meet will not be the same without you. Where are you guys now? John, I hope to attend the meet as always. I'm sure Matt will attend as well. Not sure if Justin will be able to make meet this time. I already contacted Arthur Power of Matrix USA and he will be sending gears as usual.
  19. How about a comparison against the Square Wave or Dynalo?
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