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  1. I don't know... that is what I heard the GS1000's on at the National, and it sounded alright.
  2. hehehe... cant wait to hear what you think of them.
  3. You know... Tyll doesn't like the way they sound... just putting that out there. *ducks and hides* Sorry, I had to after reading the MM thread.
  4. Oh, I am using the USB to PS2 adapter right now... maybe I should try straight USB?
  5. lol, the damn POS was really pissing me off. I don't know what I am doing wrong, the Wife says she has had zero issues with it.
  6. Hungry - Thanks man, you are a real pal. Reks - Did you actually read all the literature on their site? They seem knowledgable and surprisingly grounded for a hifi audio company. I wouldn't write off a company because they typed an 'i' instead of a 'y'.
  7. This mother of tone stuff looks cool as well... someone linked it in head-fi recently. I've also been considering that 2K DIY amp that was posted a while back... I'll see if I can find the link. It is completely different in design from the lessloss. More of a crazy overdone bruteforce approach as compared to lessloss' rather simple design.
  8. Ummm, that's a computer Eaphan... Anyways... if I do get the lessloss, it will be a custom implementation with headphone xlr connectors on the front of the unit, their volume control, and hopefully two digital inputs on the back so that I can slave both my eastsound and my squeezebox to it. [my FLAC ripper also happens to have most of the qualities that $10k doohickey you linked has ] EDIT: And aren't Delta Sigma DAC's considered sort of icky?
  9. Ok, Had some computer issues recently and was forced to rebuild my computer. I've have one of those Logitech Laser mouse thingies... something 1000. Downloaded the drivers and it installs setpoint. The damn thing is acting so twitchy... should I just uninstall setpoint? Will all the fancy extra buttons that I dont really use still work? dammmmmmnnnnnnnn yoooooouuuuuuu Logitech!!!!
  10. Hey guys, Recently I have been considering this... www.lessloss.com ...as a replacement for my Lavry. Any thoughts? I am undecided right now, mainly due to the cost. - Jay
  11. I agree it is pretty funny... but have you heard the HF-1s? I would hardly describe them that way. They kill the SR225 IMO and are closer to a "cheapass looking RS2" in my opinion.
  12. I couldnt agree more. This would be part of the reason that my K340's have had somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$1000 put into them. As for the measurements - Never been a big fan of frequency response graphs. It would be interesting though. Would be neat to measure a few pairs as they all seem to sound a little different.
  13. Removal of the cotton and taping up the wire input 'holes' might fix that for you... and a recable and circuit board bypass for the dynamic driver just makes them sound better all around. Come on, you know you want to.
  14. Or you can go the crazy route like i did and file little channels into the plastic piece that the original elastic is attached to so that you can crazy glue in the new elastic. Here are some pics that might help you replace yours. You don't *need* to keep the plastic piece as I did, but it makes it fit better and allows you to size the elastic perfectly. http://home.cogeco.ca/~philodox/K340/new/ There are some pics showing the replacement of the headband and some finished shots as well, enjoy. PS. Did you see my new headphone stand that swt63 made me?
  15. Yep, seal is key with the K340... replace the elastics if they don't hug your head with enough tension. Those velour pads will help as well. Stretch them first though, they are a pain to get on.
  16. Everything I listed above and some [purely cosmetic] wood on the earcups and at the cable join. I also went with full techflex sleeving, even though it is not all that practical. It does seem to stand up to abuse better than the cloth type stuff he normally uses and it sure looks pretty. My first pair of K340's had BlackSilver... I can't recommend it. BlackMax and BlackGold [heard both on modded K340s] are a much better fit... I think that they like copper. I have BlackGold on my current pair and love it, but it is a bit pricey.
  17. The very same Max Modules that I loved at the National Meet... well yeah, that'll drive 'em. I didn't go over 12 o'clock myself on high gain... of course that was a Balanced Max.
  18. Nice impressions, sounds like you are enjoying them. Your convertible? Do you listen to your music quietly, loudly, or somewhere inbetween? Sounds about right to me... they are rich in the mids, but I've always found them to be relatively flat. As to your comments on the dynamic driver, you may find that it will improve with burn in. Also, one of the simplest and most effective mods that you can do is bypass the circuit board for this driver. Stock: Cable --- Circuit Board --- Dynamic Driver --- Electret Modded: Cable --- Dynamic Driver --- Circuit Board --- Electret Other worthwhile mods: - Removing all the cotton will tune down the bass a little, but tighten everything up and add more clarity. - Taping up the back of the housings [where the cable enters/exits] with electrical tape will improve the imaging and make the soundstage more natural. - Recable the headphones, dual entry, copper wire. - Fit is key with these headphones. Replace elastics if necissary. K501 headband improves fit a bit for me and looks sexy. Velour earpads are more comfortable, seal better, and tune up the bass a bit. - Clean them, inside and out.
  19. Why do you guys always have to scare all the whiney bitches away?
  20. Thats it! TheSloth [what is your real name btw?], send me a PM with an email address... I want those drivers.
  21. Well there is a novel way of getting a nearly NOS pair of K340s! Bravo! EDIT: I wonder if they would sell me old parts? I'd love to buy a box of the drivers...
  22. Congrats! I'm 26 myself... but graduated 5 years ago. Though our 'college' up here is a little different... our 'university' is closer to what you yanks call college.
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