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  1. Never had a problem buying blind so far... then again, I can see where I would have had a problem [sA5000, DAC1]. So I think it has been more luck at this point.
  2. Still, I am glad that I got my K340's terminated with male XLRs... as I will be pluging them into a SDS-XLR at the national meet.
  3. If we do go with little child forums for every manufacturer, I'm going to have to start making something... I think I could whip up some rainbow foil or something of that magnitude. Do they get to name their forums too? Hmmm, Philo's Playhouse... has a nice ring to it.
  4. LOL, that episode was hilarious... especially the 'dolphinoplasty'
  5. Does Merton still post on Headwize? He did back when I was there... before I found Head-Fi.
  6. Oh god... someone invite Merton. I'm not gonna do it, but that would be a riot. He might be the first banned headcase.
  7. Where's the impressions? Pics? What do you have to compare to it?
  8. My plans amount to staying home sick.
  9. I'm not a Sennheiser man, but I would think it would be an excellent match. The Headphone out doesn't sound all that great with high impedance headphones... better for Grado's and the like. The XLR outputs are another story.
  10. I picked option 2 because I don't really like the Senns all that much... but option 1 is great as well if that is your thing.
  11. I wish I wasn't sick, but I won't pretend that I'm not enjoying having the day off and getting some listening done.
  12. hehe, yeah, he loves being in the office with me... usually [as he is now - I'm home sick] he curls up on the base of one of my speaker stands.
  13. Not sure, a friend of mine picked them up at a local place.
  14. Yeah, but it is Jamie... who the hell is Peter?
  15. Bling Bling! Where are my bitches at?
  16. Male is the standard though, so it might be better for you to get them terminated that way and get some adapters or have adapter cables made... I'm looking at making some cables anyways since I don't want to have the Lavry in my rack backwards all the time.
  17. I like the E4's quite a bit... certainly better than the HD201's [which I own] and the A900's [which I hate]. But when all is said and done there isn't a chance in hell I would listen to them at home with the K340's and HF-1's around.
  18. Oh, ok... that's where I got confused.
  19. I thought he wasn't doing the Photo's?
  20. Yeah, it should be fun... I'll just have to try to stay away from the beer until it gets later. I don't want to start... I don't know... rubbing someone's lambskin headphone stand or something. Not saying that has happened before or anything.
  21. Hmmm... I guess I've missed those threads. Never really had a problem with Sov myself.
  22. ...or just buy a UPC-200. They're pretty cheap.
  23. Sov's cool... you gotta respect a man who likes his headphones. Anyone says shit about the K340's and they're gonna pay!
  24. I'm at the beer table biatches!!!!1!!ONE
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