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  1. Oh my GOD. Patrick82 has a cable company!?!? So much to read... and wait, there's videos. Amazing.
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Renato!
  3. Happy Belated Birthday Jacob!
  4. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Oh well, it saves me a whack of money on the bright side.
  5. Hope you have a great Birthday Todd! Hope you have your cake and eat it too... ...at least I think that's a cake. Nice colour on those headphones.
  6. This was a good reminder though, need to check Chapters tonight to see if I can find a copy of that magazine.
  7. Fun gag http://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/miscellaneous/friskywhiskey.htm
  8. Cool, thanks for the tip. Will see if I can pick up that issue this afternoon.
  9. That's very interesting, thanks for the insight. I think that the steroids are, in part, to help stimulate her appetite as well since she was getting a little thin, and originally she was taken to the vet for stomach issues and throwing up blood. We've completely changed her diet now to a gastro friendly reduced ingredients type of food and she's been doing great.
  10. Happy Belated Birthday Gene!
  11. So many cute animals! My brother in law used to have a Vizsla. Such beautiful dogs. Couldn't find a picture of Raistlin or Ophelia, but here is one of Mister shortly after he got shaved a few months ago. I'll try and take a couple pictures of the other two to post later.
  12. Yeah, we have to give our cat antacid along with the steroids for that reason. I've been giving her vitamin B12 injections as well, but I think that is more for the arthritis than the stomach issues. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Enjoy your time with him.
  13. Sorry to hear about your dog. We had a recent scare with one of our cats and it was no fun. Is there anything that they can do to improve his appetite? [steroids, etc.]
  14. Just what I need, a reason to spend more money on headphones. It does look a little like a modern K340 size/comfort/style - wise. I'd be interested in hearing what someone I know has to say about them. The impressions written by 'Ra97oR' on head-if sound promising, but I know nothing of this reviewer besides the terrible screen name. Looking forward to reading what Tyll has to say about them.
  15. Awww, you guys! Thanks for all the happy birthdays, that was a really nice surprise. Not much new with me audio wise... still waiting for a house before I bankrupt myself buying a speaker rig. My headphone setup hasn't really changed at all other than adding a Symphones Magnum SE to the stable. And I bought the K271 Studio again for my portable rig as the Roland R-05 drives them quite nicely without the need for an amp. I miss you guys. Hope everyone is doing well. PS. It seems I can now access head-case from work, so I've got one less reason to be a stranger.
  16. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy!
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